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1st Epi – Bigg Boss 11 1st October 2017 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 11 1st October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Salman Khan comes on stage on cycle. He welcomes everyone and says many things have changed, I am cycling in a suit too. Salman says I used to hear when I am getting married but now I hear if I am doing Bigg Boss or not but see I am here, we are all here. Salman says people have realized BB and marriage are similar, what BB wants they have to do, BB decide their food and morning times.. so I am good being single. Salman says it takes 9 months for new season to come around, last season’s contestants are secure in their lives now. He says there is difference between movie collection and TRPs of serials. He says stars bring people to theater but bringing people to TV, is much difficult and we have to sell ourselves. Salman says audience for BB is growing, be ready for new season. Lets start with dance. Salman starts dancing to mimicking of his songs to BB’s ex-contestants.

Salman says Colors didnt give me much money, they are exploiting talent, all laugh. Salman says you must have been hearing about neighbors of BB, last time commoners gave tough time to celebrities and this time it will be neighbors, lets meet them.

Video plays, one neighbor says I am a daughter in law who can shiver any mother in law, one says I am devil-angel, other says dont mess with me, one neighbor says I dont like liars.

Salman says soon they will be in focus and will give a tough time to housemates. Salman says lets meet my Judwaa in house.

In BB house,
Varun Dhawan enters house, He dances with Jacqueline and Taapsee. Salman comes and dances with them too.They dance on Tan tana tan tara. All four of them dance together. All leave house except Varun.

Salman comes on stage and says I have comeback here because if I am inside house then who will welcome contestants? He says first couple is entering stage, they are husband and wife, they are famous, very loved and only one will be going in house. He welcomes first contestant.

1. Hiten Tejwani
Gauri Pradhan enters on stage. She dances on Prem ratan dhan payo. Hiten comes on stage, they both dances on stage, Salman enjoys their dance. Salman comes stage and welcomes them. Salman says Hiten will be going in house and Gauri will stay outside and watch him on TV. Salman says now you will have to make kids watch. Gauri wishes luck to Hiten and says dont miss us too much. Hiten’s daughter wishes him luck. Salman says Hiten what he thinks about neighbors? he says we will take them over. Salman says lets ask you questions in new style. Devil comes there there. Hiten is locked on a big wheel. Devil starts moving wheel. Salman says neighbors will ask Hiten questions. Four Neighbors are sitting in a room but their faces are not shown, they are watching stage on TV infront of them. One neighbor asks why he wants to come in BB? Hiten says I dont get wheeled like this outside, come join me, all laugh. Salman says people told me Hiten says no to serials. Hiten says I didnt want to do similar roles. Neighbors says he is fit to go inside. Hiten is taken off from wheel. Salman jokes about devil’s beard. Salman asks Hiten to meet his family one last time. Hiten hugs his kids, he waves bye and goes in house. Salman says he will be fine. Salman says Hiten thinks that he is first to enter house but there is one contestant who is in a cell underground.

In BB house,
2. Aakash Lakhani
There is a contestant Aakash in jail underground. He waves at camera and looks around, he says no.. mama.. why they locked me in jail? Hiten enters house. He meets contestant in jail, Hiten greets him. Aakash says you are beautiful. Hiten asks why he is in jail? he says I am a rapper, bad boy. Aakash says I am Sindhi too. Hiten says I will go look inside house then I will comeback. Hiten comes in house and says it will be fun. In jail, Aakash says I want to see house too. Hiten sits on couch and says wow. He looks around. Aakash in jail says Hiten is lucky to look around house.

On stage, Salman says Aakash doesnt know why he is in jail. Lets move on. We will meet our neighbors now.

3. Sabyasachi Satpathy (neighbor) – he says I am a drama queen, I can show any color, I like peace but dont mess with me, love is love, it doesnt matter if you love man or woman, its my personal choice, I am time bomb that can blast any moment.

4. Luv Tyagi (neighbor) – I am here to do what I couldnt do in 9 to 5 job. I will make people mad in house, I know how to play with contestants.

5. Mehjabi Siddiqui (neighbor) – she says she will become voice to daughter in laws of India, if you want to make life spicy then mess with people, nobody can save from my anger, I am anaconda and nobody can save from my poison, I am coming to bring spice.

6. Lucinda Nicholas (neighbor) – Miss World South Australia winner – she says I am more than a pretty foreigner, I am here to play game and win.

Salman says oh my God, what did I see? what will happen on weekends? it will be war. Lets bring them on stage. Salman says we will talk to them from video chat. Video chat connects to Salman, they greet him. Salman says you four are neighbors, news was around for this. Salman says do you realize responsibility? which quality brought you here. Salman says Mehjabi you are anaconda? all laugh. Mehjabi says it will be spicy in house. Luv says we have quality to make people nervous. Salman asks Sabyasachi what quality do you have? he says I am straight forward and can recognize weak pulse of people, Salman laughs and says this is good. Lucinda says nameste. Salman asks if she knows Hindi? Lucinda says I am trying, I am in India for one year, I like it, I am a yoga teacher. Salman asks her yoga names, she says it, he says what? hot yoga? she laughs. Salman cant understand sanskrit names. Salman says you have good pronunciation. Salman wishes them and ends call.

Salman says these four will be neighbors and will attack housemates. Salman says lets welcome another contestant, he is stage performer and her dances are being watched a lot. She is from Haryana

7. Sapna Chaudary
Video plays, voiceover says she is famous dancing sensation. Sapna comes on stage, she dances on punjabi song. Salman dances with her too. Salman welcomes her. Salman says her name is Sapna, she is very popular. Salman says she came in auditions and there were so many fans of her, all wanted selfie with her. She has crores of views on social media. Salman says you are in news. Sapna says my mom says I am walking time bomb. Salman says then you will have to stand in witness box, she says this wont spare me. Salman says you have chosen dancing why? she says it was my hobby and I made it profession but a lot has changed, something wrong happens wherever I go,you will see. Salman says neighbors are watching you. Salman says you have many fans but people also think this profession is not clean? she says yes its because of filth in their eyes. Salman says yes, its your eyes filth, take it out, you have seen her performance and she is always shalwar kameez, they are jealous. Sapna says I make them more jealous with my smile, I took poison because I was tired of my life but God kept me here, I learned that I used to get affected by people but now I dont even listen to them and now life is amazing. Neighbors ring doorbell. Sapna says they are shitguys. Luv is miffed hearing it. Sabyasachi welcomes Sapna and says you said if your dances are filthy then all item numbers of bollywood are filthy? she says yes, what have I done that they call me filthy? all are filthy then. Sabyasachi says why people give you money for dancing? Salman says we dont work without payment, I dont dance for free, she is correct, all are equal. Sapna says now answer him, Sabyasachi says good answer, neighbors say she is fit to go in house, you are very good. Salman sends her in house.

Salman says the one who is unfit will be woken up by shower power, we will make him stand in shower to wake him up.

Aakash says to Hiten that if some nice girls come in house then it will be good, you are married but I am not. Hiten laughs and says you have come for setting here. Sapna enters in house. Aakash says hi, Hiten greets her. Sapna greets Aakash and says why he is in jail? he says I dont know. He asks about her dress, he says I am from America so I dont know about these clothes but they are nice bro. Hiten asks her to see house. Sapna says I am worried about him in jail, he says I have got big sister now.

On stage, Salman says Aakash made Sapna his sister, all laugh. Salman says lets meet our next contestant, people asked me if we have baba this time or not, yes there is baba but she is female baba, lets meet her.

8. Shivani Durga
Video plays, voiceover says one more baba in house. Shivani says nobody wants to show positive side of magic, babas want to keep people scared. She says I am a researcher, todays generation wants scientific meanings, thats why I took three degrees, BB is a big platform, people have vision about baba after Swami Om, I promise to clean that, I will change that.

Salman welcomes Shivani on stage. Salman greets her, she gives him a pious leaf. He says you must have seen my experience with a bab last year, I tried to make him understand but he didnt listen and still getting beaten up, it hurts. I liked your message for which you are here. Shivani says Baba Om misused a platform. Salman asks if he is a baba? Shivani says she cant be a baba, there is a limit which he didnt follow, there is harassment because of people like him who doesnt have knowledge. Salman says I hope you bring positivity. Salman says colors bring different people, he makes Shivani stand in witness box and asks why she thinks we should trust saadu? Shivani says the popular ones are not real saadu, I will be able to send message to audience now. Salman says Om was alone, will you be alone too? Shivani says if my motives are clear and if I am able to explain then I will be accepted. Salman says you dont seem to have Om’s streak so I think you will be accepted. Neighbors ring bell.

Mehjabi asks if she can tell something about her, you are saying many things can happen with magic. Salman says she would have sit for mantras, is she fit to go inside? Luv says we should make her stand in shower, Mehjabi says she has many hair, Sabyasachi says there is time for that, it will be long battle. Mehjabi says she is not negative. Sabyasachi says she is fit. Salman sends Shivani in house.

Salman says lets see if Shivani will change in house or not. Salman says now I will introduce two more contestants. One is VJ and other is Splitsville famous contestant.

9. Priyank
10. Benafsha
Priyank and Benafsha comes on stage.They dance together to a sensual and electric song. Salman welcomes them. Salman says this is Priyank not Priyanka, all laugh. Salman says Benafsha is pasri. Salman asks Priyank to eat more, Benafsha says I have packs too. Salman makes fun of Priyank’s belt on his jeans and says its like Superman’s underwear. Salman asks Benafsha whats her pet name? she says people call me Ben,its short and sweet. Salman asks if she wants to be actor? she says why not, opportunities come and go. Salman says lets give you a scene, you are sitting in a restaurant with your strained boyfriend then suddenly Priyank enters and you fall for him, I will be your ex boyfriend. Benafsha enacts scene, Priyank comes in scene, Benafsha runs behind him but Priyank runs behind Salman, Salman says he is more interested in ex-boyfriend, he says nothing like that, I am straight, Benafsha is looking very good. Salman says you both had good chemistry but we will test it. Salman brings balloon, he makes it fit between their cheeks, Benafsha and Priyank holds it with their cheeks on each side of balloon, Salman it shouldnt fall down.

Salman says now Aakash will come here after being in jail in house. Video plays, Aakash raps and says I am actor and entertainers, my stage name is A-cash, I can make on the spot rap, I had a dream about mother Merry and when I woke up, I was blabbering rap and I knew that I would rap for life then I met meet brothers, I became best friends, I helped in Chitya kalayan. Meet bros says he is big entertainer. Aakash says I want to become a brand, international-indian rapper.

Salman welcomes aakash. Aakash touches Salman’s feet and says I am so nervous, I am sweating. Aakash says my mom loves you, Salman says I love you. Aakash meets Priyank and Benafsha. Aakash says Salman bhai.. he laughs and cant believe it. Aakash says I love you, Salman says I love you too. Salman asks why was he in jail? Aakash says I dont know. Salman says I want to ask why rappers bow down. Aakash says can I rap for you? Salman says yes but on moving bull. Aakash sits on on bull, he starts rapping and says what if I fall? I will hurt, he says dont move fast. Salman laughs and makes him stand down. Salman says now neighbors will give judgement. Luv asks Aakash if he was like this from childhood or fell down coming here? Aakash says I was like this from childhood. Luv says we have to wake him up. Salman says you want to wake him up? Aakash starts rapping for Salman and says I am awake. Luv says seems like we have make him sleep. Salman says lets wake him up. Salman says you have to stand under shower, my hairdo will go bad. Salman brings cap and makes him wear. Aakash takes off his jacket, shoes, socks.. Salman asks if he will come in boxers? all laugh. Aakash takes off his shirt too, all laugh. Aakash takes off his jewelry, Salman asks if he wants soap? Aakash stands under shower, water falls on him. All clap. Salman says big sport. Luv asks Priyank that we saw you are performer but remain in group, Priyank says I will play individually, its different. Luv says you will have tough time here. Salman asks about Benafsha. Luv says she is fit but we have to wake up Priyank. Priyank takes off his jacket and stands in shower. Aakash happily laughs. Water falls on Priyank. Aakash, Priyank and Benafsha goes in house.

In BB house,
All meet each other.

In neighbors’ room. Sabyasachi jokes that Luv’s neck is craned towards Lucinda only. Luv says leave it. Mehjabi says he has come for this here, to make a scene, Luv says leave it. Sabyasachi says Benafsha will have good connection with him.

10. Jyoti Kumari
She says I am from a small village. I earn for myself, I am very straight forward. Her father says she wanted to go to Mumbai to become heroine. Jyoti says I want to show my personality in show, people think that village girls are simple but no I am coming to challenge city girls.

Varun welcomes Jyoti. She says I have come to Mumbai for first time, she says I have brought gift for Salman. Varun says host is me now, give it to me. She says okay take it and give to Salman and tell him Jyoti gave it, all laugh. Salman comes on stage. Varun says Jyoti give him gift. Salman takes gift and opens it. He finds his photos on frame she gifted. Salman says to Varun that you took my movie, my heroine and now want my show? this is wrong, all laugh. Varun says Jyoti wants to become actress. Salman says you have to give audition. Jyoti says I will enact dabang movie dialogue. Jyoti enacts slap scene. Varun says she is good. Jyoti says I will become his heroine in next movie, he says why not. Salman says now you have to give BB test. Jyotiis tied to a wheel. It starts moving, she says I cant do it.. mummy.. Salman says you are young, will people take you seriously? she says I am good to talk. Salman says which actress’s eyes you want? she says I like Ashweriya, height of Deepika, voice of Heema Malini. Sabyasachi says Jyoti is sweet and fit for game. Salman takes Jyoti to gates and sends her in house.

Salman welcomes Jacqueline and Taapsee. Salman dances with them. Jacqueline says so happy to be here. Varun says Judwaa 2 have same story, all laugh. Salman says you wont recognize judwaa. Jacqueline says David made Varun have tough time. Salman jokes about his signature step. Taapsee says lets have mirror image scene. Varun and Salman enacts scene. They dance on Tan tana tan taraa.. Salman promotes movie, cast leaves.

Salman says lets meet another contestant, she is famous too. Welcome her.

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