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1st Epi – Chandrashekhar 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Chandra’s Journey Begins


Chandrashekhar 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Chandrashekhar 12th March 2018 Episode Start With some people celebrating. Jagrani runs to get her son. The ladies ask her to run fast, her son can have Mahua. The people shoot arrows and aim at the pot. The kids praise Chandra. The man says we will also see Chandra’s aim. Chandra comes there and hits the pot. His mum is on the way. She says he is hungry since morning. The people play with colors. She reaches there and asks a kid where is Chandra. She gets shocked seeing some men throwing Chandra in air and playing. Tribals dance. Chandra plays holi with his mum. He holds ears. She hugs him. He says I m very happy as you have come here.

A lady greets her and says thanks for coming here. Chandra introduces his friends. The lady asks her to have some food before leaving. Jagrani worries. Lady says I know you won’t have non veg. Chandra says Kaki gets sweet fruits for us. The kids eat fruits. Jagrani says not today, its my fast today. The lady says everyone loves Chandra, he runs away from food. Jagrani says we have to leave, rail is coming. She gives a bath to Chandra. She says you don’t listen to me, you are like your dad. He says don’t say this, I m like you, not dad, he always scolds and beats me. She asks him to have bath and dry hair. His dad comes home angrily. Chandra says I think he got to know, he will beat me now. His dad stares at him. Jagrani gives him water.

His dad Sitaram complains that Chandra is not going school since 15 days and ruining his name. He gets angry and compares him with Sukhname. Sitaram takes him. She says Sukhdev should take Chandra to school every day, I will punish Chandra today. She locks Chandra to save him from beating. She asks why do you do this, does it look good to get beaten up, you can do something if you get educated. Chandra says Sukhdev always complains about me to Bau ji. She puts him to sleep. She sees Sitaram and says I locked Chandra, he will be in darkness, I forgot to lock the door.

Its morning, Sukhdev asks Chandra to walk fast. Chandra says you complain about me as you are a coward. He runs away and says you can’t catch me. Sitaram comes to meet Shambunath. He hears anklet’s sound. A lady comes. He says Shambunath called me here. Shambunath comes and asks what’s the matter. He sends the lady. He doesn’t let Sitaram sit. He says you came on roads and I hired you on job, I gave you shelter. Sitaram says yes, your servant said you have some work. Shambunath says some british officials will come, arrange some fruits for them, also get deer meat. Sitaram opposes. Shambunath says I didn’t ask you to have it, you are Brahman, you make servant arrange it. Sitaram says fine, I will go. Munshi says Chandra went to tribals yesterday, it was festival, everyone would have drunk a lot, if your son eats non veg there…. there is much difference between you and your son. Sitaram angrily goes. He gets the sticks to beat Chandra. He says Chandra is shameless, I will beat him till sticks break.

Jagrani asks what did he do now. He asks her to wait, she will know it. Sukhdev and Chandra come home. Chandra says I didn’t run away from school, ask Sukhdev. Sitaram calls him and asks him to choose a stick. Chandra chooses one. Sitaram says you are a rebel and beats him. He says you went to tribals right, why did you go there when I stopped you, you are making people mock me. Jagrani saves Chandra and says he didn’t go alone, I went along. He asks what. She says yes, there was festival, Chandra wanted to see, I took him there and got him back. He says you got mad, how can my wife do this. Chandra says don’t say anything to mum, its my mistake. She asks him to keep quiet. Sitaram stares at Chandra.


Chandrashekhar 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Sitaram beats Chandra. Sitaram leaves for work. Chandra learns about Britishers hunting for prey and aims to send them away.

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Chandrashekhar Details

Chandrashekhar is an Indian television show, based on the Indian political leader Chandrasekhar Azad. The series will be produced by Anirudh Pathak, and will be premiered on 12 March 2018 On Star Bharat, showing on weeknights.


Priyanka Ghose

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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