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1st Epi – Detective Didi 9th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Detective Didi Has A Mission To End The Crimes


Detective Didi 9th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Detective Didi 9th December 2017 Episode Start With New Delhi is shown, it is known as crime capital as every 12 mins cars gets stolen, every 7 mins woman gets s*xually abused and every 20 mins, murders happens. He says Chandani Chowk’s daughter have taken the responsibility of solving the cases. He introduces her family Indra Sharma and his dead wife. He then introduces Indra Sharma’s son Manish Sharma, Munna. He says he got married twice, but both of them died..Indra Sharma’s damad and Detective Didi Bunty’s father is Rishi Sharma. He tells when his wife Indra went to buy vegetable, a bull ran towards him and soda transport truck went from his front side and bull from his back, since then he is in shock and is on wheel chair. He introduces. Gattu is Bunty’s sister son. They stay in Randhwa Niwas.

A man comes there and gives something to Indra Kumar. Indra Kumar pays him money. A heavy built man comes there and snatches money from his hand. Munna asks him to land him on ground and calls him phoogan pehelwan. He tells him that Jhansi ki rani might see. They were oblivious to the fact that Bunty is watching on through Gattu’s play toy.

Bunty is shown, and says so this is happening with my money. She comes to Munna. Gattu says I didn’t do anything, and says Nana got angry. Munna says I told to get him admitted in orphanage. Bunty asks them to go and says you shall be ashamed, and says I work alone day and night and you are gambling. She asks how much money you have to pay for Phoogan pehelwan. She asks indra kumar not to make the house dirty in the name of baba ramdev, then she will send him to old age home. She sees Servant going and takes his bag and sees the vegetables. He says he has a mum, wife, kids and buffalo. Bunty says she already knows about him and says your mum is dead, you are unmarried and have no buffalo at home. She tells them that butter and cheese are only for Gattu. She says I have my eyes on everyone. She then hugs Rishi Sharma and says she is sure he will talk to her one day. She calls Gattu and asks him to come. They all come out and get happy as she leaves. Bunty drops Gattu to school and asks him to make her proud and participate in interschool competition. He says he will.

She thinks she has to reach office soon and thinks Mr. Kejriwal must be eager to get his report. Mr. Kejriwal shows his wife’s intimate pics to Bunty and says he married her and brought her home. He says all women are betrayal. Bunty asks him to give fees and leave. Mr. Kejriwal asks for what she is asking fees, to break his house. He asks what you will do, will you raise your hand. She kicks him and makes him falls out breaking the glass door. She asks him to give the money and takes 20000 from his pocket, 15 k her fees and 5 k for badmouthing about women. She makes him wear the wig and asks him to leave. Voiceover tells that Kejriwal doesn’t know that woman can do dangal too. She repairs door with cardboard. Minto comes there and gives her woolen scarf with Detective didi written. She gives him ear phones as he can’t hear. She switches on TV and gets to know that Shankar is kidnapped. She thinks he was about to participate with Minto and Gattu in ram leela competition. The kids get ready for Ram leela competition. Gattu talks to her friend and says he felt pity on Akash and let him goal. He says he is super Ram and asks them to say jai siya ram. The woman addresses to the children and welcomes the chief guest from Muskan Foundation.

A goon looks at Minto as he is coming to play. He gets kidnapped. Gattu says where is the hanuman? Bunty searches for Minto and finds his slipper. She digs the land and finds Shankar’s body. She is shocked and thinks to end the children’s kidnapping and murder racket. Minto’s mum asks Bunty to search her son. Shankar’s mum says she wants justice for him. The woman says nobody cares for poor children. Bunty promises them that she will bring their children back. She thinks most of the times, kids gets kidnapped from highway and thinks if truck drivers are involved. Minto is brought to some place where other kids are also kidnapped.

She comes back home and finds a sardaar. Mannu says he came to stay here as a tenant. The sardaar says who is she? Bunty says she is the owner of the house and asks him to show adhaar card, ID card etc. She asks him to show the papers else leave. Sardaar says you said that only widower stays here, and asks Munna to return his advance. Gattu gives him shock. Munna scolds Gattu. Bunty asks Munna to return his money. Sardaar says I want my money back and tells Gattu that he will see him outside. Gattu says I am leaving you here and asks him to meet outside. Bunty asks Munna to return his money. Munna says Phoogan snatches money from his hand. Sardaar says you don’t have money to pay me, and says he will file police case. Munna tells Bunty that they shall keep him here as tenant.

Sardaar says he has three conditions and says he don’t want to see this madam’s face again, never. Munna agrees. Bunty thinks he can’t be truck driver, and thinks his name is Amar ujala, strange. Gattu says even the newspaper name is Amar ujala. She thinks he named himself Amar Ujala now itself and thinks he is involved in kids kidnapping racket. She searches for proofs in his truck and gets Minto’s ram leela hanuman mask. She comes to him and makes him smell chloroform and asks where is Minto? She brings him to police station and asks him to say where is minto. He takes out gun from his pocket and locks her in police station.

The Inspector and Constables hides. Bunty scolds them and asks to write police complaint. She asks them to write the complaint. They say their special agent will write the complaint. Bunty asks who is this Bullar and says she wants him to arrest Amar ujala. She comes to meet goon in police station and asks about Amar ujala. She tells that Shankar had an injury on his head and tells that why body are only kidnapped. She thinks what is the kidnappers’ motive. She hears Munna and barber watching a video in which children are made to sit on camel and rides. She understands that Shankar was killed as he was handicapped and goons syndicate don’t want handicapped boys. She gets a lady call and informs her that she got Shankar’s other chappal. A man runs from behind her. She sees Amar Ujala there, but he hides and then shoots at her. She recalls her promise and faints.


Detective Didi 10th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : If Detective Didi will die after bullet injury and if she will be able to unveil the criminals, will be shown in tomorrow’s episode.

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