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1st Epi – Dev (Colors) 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dev (Colors) 5th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev hanging down the building. A man holds his hand. Dev looks down. The people gather and look on. The man accepts that he has killed his wife, and now he will kill him too. Dev tells him that his wife was sensible, but she did one mistake to marry a donkey like him. The man drops him. Dev holds his silk tie and hangs to it, saying he will die along with him. He says we will die along with this secret, else surrender to police. Police reaches there and sees Dev. Inspector says Dev Anand, I m not surprised seeing his doings. Police comes on terrace.

Dev says Bhatia wants to tell you something. Inspector says don’t be mad, you will die along Dev. Dev counts down. Bhatia admits he has killed his wife. He calls for help. Police throws the rope and saves them. Inspector says you were sure Bhatia will be scared of your threatening, why did you take such big risk. Dev smiles and jokes. He gives the tie to the inspector. Dev leaves.

Case: Kahan Hai Aanya

A man asks his wife Pranali to have food. Pranali looks for laptop charger. Her husband gives her charger. He cooks food and asks her to focus on presentation. She says Ankit I will get late, don’t know what would have happened without you. He says I would have not got chance to fulfill dream without you. She says your app will launch, then I will relax at home. The little girl Aanya looks on. Pranali sneezes. Ankit makes her drink water. She leaves for work. The maid looks on. Ankit says we will go to park Ananya. Maid Sushma attends some call.

Dev reaches home. He talks to his cat. He sees the door open and gets alert. He enters the house and sees to see some lady Zohra Apa. He asks why did you enter my room like a thief, are you not ashamed. She says this is my room, not yours, you did not give rent since three months, see what state you made here. He says you had a fight for your friend, you leave anger now, attend her call. She says you don’t spy on me, stop this, see the notice of electricity cutdown, where is the bill.

He guides her to get the bill from fridge. Dev makes tea. She asks will you keep bill in fridge, pay it. He says I will pay it from next case money. Ankit makes Aanya to park. Sushma calls him and says come fast, gas leaked at home. He asks her to switch off gas line and not switch on anything. He asks Aanya to come. He sees Aanya gone and calls her. Sushma switches off the stove.

Ankit calls out Aanya and looks for her. Ankit gets a threatening note. Pranali and Ankit meet Dev and ask his help. Dev asks them to go to police, kidnapper is from the house. Pranali asks how do you know. Dev says this paper is from your house paperpad, the impressions on this paper are written by either of you. Ankit recalls and says yes, I have written this. Pranali asks him to help. Zohra Apa asks Dev to take the case. Dev asks about the park. He says there will be much crowd, many kids, traffic. Dev goes to that garden and checks the place.

He scares the kids and sends them. He checks the slides. He sees the ladies staring and comes down. Pranali’s dad comes and hugs her. She tells him about Aanya. Her dad Awasthi scolds Ankit. The ladies tell Dev about Aanya, Ankit is very caring, ask Sheela madam, she comes here with her son at that time. Aanya cries. Someone asks her to get quiet.

Ankit says there was no gas smell at home when I came back, you diverted my mind. Awasthi says call police. Ankit says no, its my decision. Dev meets Sheela. Sheela says I was taking Aarav’s pics at the slides. Dev checks the pics and zooms. He says this is use of big phones, can I get a printout. Sheela says I will forward it, give me your number. Dev says printout. Ankit checks the pic and says no, I did not see this man there. Dev sees Sushma.

Kidnapper calls Ankit and asks for one crore cash. Dev asks where is Aanya. The man makes him hear Aanya’s voice. Aanya cries. The man asks them not to call police. Dev asks are you mad, we have no cash. The man repeats his words. Awasthi says we have to trace call. Pranali asks Ankit to take money and go, get Aanya. Dev observes Sushma. He says my fat Mausi’s name was Nirmala, anyways, tell me do you know this man. She sees pic and says no. He asks was gas leaking. She says pipe was cut, so I called Ankit. Dev asks was it cut, or did you cut it. He sees the marks on the pipe and also the powder under it. He cleans the knife and says so that you divert Ankit and then your photo hero kidnaps Aanya.

Dev answers the kidnapper’s call. The man asks how much can you pay. Ankit says 50 lakhs. Dev says 50 lakhs. The man says get 50 lakhs. Dev says he looks someone amateur. Awasthi scolds Ankit. Ankit says I have invested the money in gaming app, once my business gets set, I will return it. Awasthi scolds him. He says I told you Pranali, you are doing a mistake to marry him, Suraj is still ready to marry you. Dev says we will discuss about Suraj and Chand later. Awasthi says I will pay 50 lakhs. Dev says maybe it won’t be needed. He shows Sushma. Aanya cries.

Sushma says that guy is my BF Vilas. Pranali scolds Sushma. Sushma says I wanted to break up with him, he said he will tell you all about my past, I did theft in last house. Dev asks why did you cut gas pipe. Sushma says Vilas was going to tell Ankit about my past, so I called him home. Ankit says you are lying. Dev says give me Vilas’ phone number and address. Sushma says but that man on phone was not Vilas, he stammers. Dev says maybe its his friend.

Ankit’s brother Avnit come and asks where is Aanya, shall I help. Dev observes him and asks do you apply hair in oil. Avnit says gel, who are you. Dev asks for phone, not fees. Ankit asks Avnit to give his phone. Dev says I m just asking for phone, not heart, that human can’t live without. Dev and Ankit leave and talk on call.

Dev asks Ankit to go to station, he will see who picks the bag. He says Avnit takes drugs, you know this, don’t look at me, go ahead. Ankit asks will we get Aanya. Dev says yes. Avnit goes to train station and gets kidnapper’s call. Kidnappers guides him to throw the bag under the bridge. Ankit informs Dev. Dev says I m coming.

He shows his card and takes lift. He says police. The man says Sir, I was driving slow. Dev says now drive fast. Dev reaches the place before train arrives. He boards the train. He tells Ankit that he will follow the kidnapper till he gets Aanya. The kidnapper asks Ankit to throw the bag. Ankit throws the bag. Dev hides and waits for kidnapper. He sees the kidnapper. Police comes there. Dev snatches the bag. The kidnapper runs away. Inspector and Dev ask each other what are you doing here. Awasthi says I don’t believe you and your detective. Ankit says Dev would have got Aanya. Inspector says nothing will happen to her, we will reach Vilas. Pranali asks them to give guarantee. She goes and cries.

Dev gives her a note. Dev writes he will get Aanya back safe. She asks promise. Dev recalls his wife asking him not to make such promises which he can’t fulfill. Dev says promise and goes. Dev thinks kidnapper is from someone home, I have promised to get Ananya. He thinks Avnit can need money as well, he is drug addict, Ankit’s business is not set, he has sold jewelry, is he doing this kidnapping drama for money. He leaves in his car. Khoya khoya chand…..plays….. Zohra Apa asks did kidnapper not call back, what did police say. Dev says everyone is in their ego, what a mum goes through. He sees Aanya’s pics. He asks why is landline dead. She gives her phone and says don’t know when will you buy a phone.

He says I don’t have a family to call me. FB shows, Dev’s wife gifting him a phone. He shows walkie. She asks will I call you on walkie, I m your wife, I m scared by your work, if anything happens to you. He says nothing will happen to me. He gets ready. She says if anything happens to me then. He says I promise nothing will happen to you till I m there. She asks him not to make such promises which he can’t fulfill. FB ends.

Dev calls Pranali and says you left Aanya’s album, there is Ganesh utsav pic. She says we went to Sushma’s locality pandal that time, kidnapper is calling from different numbers. Dev says fine, call me if you get to know anything. Zohra asks what did you see in pic. Dev asks her to cook his fav food. She agrees. He tells her about all clues pointing to Sushma’s locality. She says it means Sushma has kidnapped the girl. Inspector asks Sushma about Vilas. She says you will find him in bar.

Dev reaches the place. He sees Vilas and follows. He runs after Vilas and hits him with a coconut. Police comes there and arrests Vilas. Inspector asks what were you doing here. Dev says I was gift wrapping him for you. Inspector says don’t act smart, just I know your truth, very soon this world will also know. Police leaves. Pranali cries seeing Aanya’s videos. Ankit gives her water. Dev comes home.

Pranali asks did you find anything. Dev sees the video. He says Sushma was saying truth, Sushma and Vilas are not related to this kidnapping, I got Vilas’ phone from his jacket, he was away with his friends, I have seen kidnapper at that time. Ankit asks then who is it. Pranali says you promised me and shows the note. Dev answers kidnapper’s call. Kidnapper scolds them for calling police. They get a shocking parcel.

Dev (Colors) 6th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update Precap:Dev says I promised I will get Aanya. Inspector taunts him. Dev meets some lady. Dev asks Pranali about Aanya’s birth. Dev argues with inspector Navekar.

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