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1st Epi – Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd April 2017 watch online on

The Episode starts with neighbors telling that Deepika’s mum haven’t come on terrace to talk about her fat daughter’s alliance. Deepika’s mum Ragini comes talking to Janki’s on phone. She asks if she is coming to see Deepika today and says today is Ram Leela. Neighbor says you should have told them that your daughter is fat. Ragini says her daughter became Sita in the Ram Leela.

Deepika’s father Mishra ji is watching Deepika’s childhood video. Ragini asks till when you will watch this video. Mishra ji tells that time passes so soon and tells that she played Sita in the fancy dress competition and says she will justified her role in the Ram Lela. Ragini makes puris. Mishra ji comes to help her to make puris and says puris will be round. Ragini says she convinced Janki, marriage bureau lady with much difficulty and says let Deepika not have this. Mishra ji calls Deepika to have puris and tells Ragini that puris are fried in 20 percent fat oil. Deepika says she is coming. She gets ready and comes to Mishra ji. Mishra ji makes her have puris and asks her to shake up the stage with her talent. Deepika says she is nervous. Mishra ji motivates her to do good with his poetry. Ragini comes. Mishra ji asks Deepika to do everything with her heart. He says Ragini called special audience for her.

Deepika comes to the pizza shop. Owner asks why did you come here, and asks about her play. She says she saw double cheese pizza poster and thought to eat it to do Sita’s role better. Owner says it is not for you and special triple cheese pizza is for you. He says you eats with heart. Deepika says she is special.

Piyush comes there with his friend. Owner asks what he would like to have. Piyush says he wants triple cheese pizza. Owner says you are second customer to get triple cheese pizza and tells that the girl have ordered same thing and that she is a special customer. He sees her, but couldn’t see her face. He says how can a girl eat all. His friend asks him not to eat as he is rejected by three girls. Piyush asks him to shut up and says he will marry a nice girl. Two girls come to Deepika and asks her to give 5 mins. One of the girl tells that they are home science students of Agra University and doing research on matrimonial website. She asks for her interview. Deepika asks them to sit. Piyush tells that he needs a girl like Deepika.

Deepika says she will marry the guy who loves to eat food. Girl says you need dieting. Deepika says people taunt her, but she don’t bother at all. Piyush tells that he needs a good figure girl and that he will marry Deepika Padukone like girl. He says he has become ignorant hearing his father’s taunts about his weight. He tells that Agra will jealous of fat Piyush if Deepika like girl marries him. His friend says she will also see your figure. Piyush tells that girls don’t see figure and needs love. Deepika says she needs a big heart guy. Piyush sees a boy looking at him eating pizza and goes out to share his pizza with him. He gives him pizza and smiles.

Deepika finishes her interview and is going out. They cross path, but doesn’t see each other. The college girls come to Piyush and asks for interview. She asks what is his idea of an ideal wife? Piyush says ideal wife will be like her….and points his finger towards Deepika. They capture Deepika. His friend asks him to see first and says she is triple cheese pizza. Piyush says not her, but above…and shows Deepika Padukone’s poster. Dhai Kilo Prem plays…….

Deepika comes out and asks rickshaw driver to drive fast. He says he has learnt to drive recently and can’t drive fast. Deepika offers to drive and asks him to sit. He asks do you know how to drive. Deepika drives the cart/rickshaw. Title song plays…………Piyush is seen with his friend on his scooter.

She comes to do the play and pays money to the driver. Someone tells the play’s director that Hanuman is missing. Director gets worried.

Deepika gets ready as Sita and asks Director how she is looking? Director looks at her fatness. Deepika says everyone will look at her and she will get her black eye. Shilpa is sitting there tells that even her cousin Dimpy could have done the role. Deepika says make up is done, and that she needs to wear costume and jewellery. Shilpa teases her. Director asks make up man why she is looking fat. Deepika says she is fat only and that her mum tells that she looks like Sita Maayya.

Director Yaduraj says mum says like that and gets worried. He says only miracle can save his Ram Leela. Shilpa asks Director if he got her only. Director Yaduraj tells that Sarika was stuck in banaras. Make up man says she was best in agra. Yaduraj says if Organizer Ratan Singh comes then don’t know what will happen. He asks about the arrangements. Yaduraj says Ram Leela will be different and you will double the budget. Ratan Singh asks him about Sarika. Shilpa says you shall see our Sita as she is unique. Ratan Singh says jai shri ram. Deepika comes dressed as Sita. Ratan Singh freezes in shock seeing her. Yaduraj tells that he took audition of many girls, but nobody could say the dialogues perfectly unlike her.

Ratan Singh says you have done wonder, Sita Maayya is standing infront of me…..He asks everyone to say Sita Mayya ji jai. Deepika smiles. Ratan Singh goes to Sarika and asks someone to click photo with her. Shilpa says real sita came here, you are not needed here. Deepika gets sad. Ratan Singh says he will leave now. Sarika tells that her Dadi is fine now and that’s whys he returned home. Yaduraj thanks her and says play was nothing without her and asks make up man to make her ready. Make up man asks what we will do with our other Sita Deepika. Deepika tells that she will feel bad as they changed Sita, then turns her face and says she didn’t feel bad at all and asks them to go out till she gets Sarika ready. They are surprised and go out. Deepika helps her and advises her what to wear and what to do.

Sarika says I didn’t know that you have replaced me. Deepika says you are best suited for the role. Sarika says she is not feeling good. Deepika says she will leave now. Sarika asks her to cry before going home and says I know you don’t cry infront of anyone. Deepika says show must go on and leaves crying.. Shilpa taunts Deepika and calls her haathni. She calls her fat buffalo and says her mum called her beautiful Sita. Deepika loses her cool and warns Shilpa and says she will bury her if she tells anything about her parents. Shilpa looks on.


Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Deepika thinks she shall get a chance to go on stage. She gets to do Hanuman’s role. Piyush comes to do Ram’s role. Ragini tells Janki that her daughter is doing Sita’ role. Janki points towards hanuman and says she is your daughter Deepika.

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