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1st Epi – Dil Dhoondta Hai 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

It is a routine busy morning in Mumbai.
An old man comes to vegetable market. He argues a salesman to buy tomato from him.
In a chawl setting, some boys were playing football. Vishi kicks the football that hits the old man’s head, he falls off. Later, at home the man’s (Avinash- Vishi’s father) wife rubs ointment over his head. He continue scolding Vishi for hitting him deliberately and not taking care of his responsibilities like filling water tank and bringing medicines.

Ajji (Vishi’s grandmother) interrupts Avinash not to scold him anymore. Avinash says once he leaves for office everyone gets a chance to do what they want. His wife now interrupts him showing all Vishi did since morning. Aaji stops the argument and forbids anyone say anything to Vishi. She asks about Papa ji (a neighbor- Harnam). Papa ji comes to inform them that there is a proposal for his daughter, he asks Avinash to come with him to train station for receiving guests. Avinash appoints Vishi to go with them.

At the railway station, the guests arrive. Harnam welcomes Dilip Singh, his wife Manjeet and son Balvinder. Their daughter (Ravi) was left behind. A girl (Ravi) was shown retouching her makeup in the cabin. She attempts to open the door of the cabin from inside and calls someone for help. Vishi had gone to bring the luggage. Ravi decided to kick open the door in her Punjabi style. Vishi opened the door just in time and got the kick from Ravi. Ravi gives her hand to Vishi and helps him stand. Ravi comes out of the train, they all leave. Downstairs in the station, Ravi saw a man pick pocket a wallet and get the wallet back from him. She notices she had been left behind and lost; the family had moved on. Vishi left the other way hurrying for office and came across Ravi. Ravi considers him a Quli.

Majeet notices Ravi’s cell phone was in her bag. Harnam says Ravi must be with Balvinder. There in the other car, Balvinder says his sister Ravi is in the other car with parents.
Vishi welcomes Ravi to Mumbai. Ravi says Vishi must help him now, her father would pay him for that. Vishi asks her about her own phone number which is in his mother’s bag. She says it’s switched off. Her father’s number was also switched off. She didn’t remember anyone else’s number. Ravi doesn’t let him go and says he must help her. Vishi agrees to take her to police station.

In the police station, Ravi finds a criminal stare at her. Vishi says he has spoken to an inspector here, he will help her; but if he doesn’t leave now he will leave his job. Vishi gives her some money to keep. Ravi asks for his address to return this debt. He gives the address and leaves. An inspector calls Ravi to sit, he files a complaint. Ravi asks him to hold a finger, then decides he won’t be able to do and leave the station.
Vishi boards a bus when he finds Ravi calling him as she fetched the bus on foot. He forwards his hand which Ravi holds.

At home, Vishi’s mother (Anjali) hear Manjeet crying for Ravi. She places the rice bowl at the door step and goes to console the crying mother. Vishi brings Ravi to his chawl, she notices it’s not the address he gave in the police station. Vishi says he had given her the wrong address, he wanted to get rid of her. Whenever he gets late for work, his whole schedule is ruined. Ravi apologizes and comes with him inside. At the doorstep, she hits the rice bowl to spill it. Aaji comes to ask who this is, Vishi says this is Ravi. Ajji says she is pretty, and asks Ravi if she informed her family; she compares heights of Ravi and Vishi and says she can accept her. Ravi asks Vishi to touch Dadi ji’s feet, but Vishi forbids. Dadi ji notices the spilt rice, she asks Ravi if she spilt them with right foot or the left one. Ajji was excited and asks Vishi if he would speak to Avinash or shall she.

There, Balvinder suggests about filing a complaint at police station. There, Vishi asks Ravi if someone would have Harnam uncle’s number. Ravi cheerfully says she knew she selected the right person to solve her problem. Vishi introduces himself, they shake hands.

Ravi note the number on phone. They hear Avinash come calling Anjali. Vishi drags Ravi in another room. Avinash also goes to Papa ji’s house. Papa ji was leaving to file a report in police. Papa ji gets call from Vishi’s phone, Ravi introduces herself. Through the door, she watches Harnam and goes outside. Avinash was shocked to see her come out of his house with Vishi.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avinash scolds Vishi for keeping Ravi hidden in the house while everyone was worried.

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