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1st Epi – Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 3rd April 2017 watch online on

The first episode of Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee Start with maa janani showing universe abd water drop.showing forest with the ladies narration about the nature and god. Showing the idol of godess durga and first showing the astha doing yoga . little kid as astha to come fast . from the truck the foods falls and astha is throwing the food towards kids

The Episode starts with Goddess telling that she gave one drop of life, gave flower smell, night is me and morning is me, water flow is me and air flow is me…creator is me….She says my world and my kids…but one girl is unique and honest, even Sun appear to see her, air flows to touch her and she is my reflection. Everyone’s astha is on me and my Aastha is her.

A boy Chotu asks her to come fast as car is coming. Aastha says she is coming. Truck comes and stops seeing the stones on the road. Aastha steals the biscuits packets till the driver moves the stones from the way. Helper sees them stealing and alerts the driver. Aastha and her friends run away from there. Aastha smiles from far hiding behind the tree.

A man is washing his face sitting near the river. He sees a stone shaking up and folds his hands. Aastha gives biscuit to an old man. Man gathers many people there and they say aloud Jai…pathar baba ki. Aastha comes and asks what is happening here. A lady says that God appeared from the stone and miracle happened. Aastha sees the stone shaking up and also says Pathar Baba ki Jai. A man comes and asks why people are gathered here. Lady says God appeared here and miracle happened? Man asks why stone is shaking. Aastha says may be Pathar baba is feeling cold and asks them to bring blanket. They bring many blankets and cover stone with it. Aastha says now pathar baba is not feeling cold. Aastha gets her mum’s call and goes home.

Her mum Sharda thinks Aastha might be roaming with the kids. Aastha comes and says she is grown up, still plays with kids, they are children, but she shall be mature, have to take Maa to mandir, and she got late. Aastha says I told everything. She gives diabetes medicine to her mum and asks her not to get angry. Mum asks her to get ready. Aastha says we are going to temple and not groom’s family is coming there. Mum says someone is coming to see her as Sumitra called them. She says they are good people and asks Aastha to get ready fast.

Aastha sees her father’s photo frame and thinks of his dad’s words that God will give her whatever she asks for and that God will never let tears come in her eyes. She gets teary eyes. Mum asks her to come. They go to temple. Mum tells that temple is decorated well. Some people are dancing there and celebrating Ram Naomi. Aastha says people are bursting crackers amidst this crowd. Mum says they have their own perception. Crackers burst and the place catches fire. Aastha sees old lady and runs to pick her up. She then sees a boy crying and helps him meet his mum. She then puts water on the fire to set off the fire. Everyone relax. Mum asks are you fine? Aastha says yes. She asks her to have medicine. Mum says she will have prasad first and says this is her Aastha.

Aastha says even I am Aastha and asks her to listen to her. She calls Chotu and asks him to get the prasad. She searches for Chotu and is about to enter the temple, but stops herself. She sees Chotu and asks him to get prasad. Same man who was present at the pathar ke baba identified Aastha and tells that he saw Chotu stealing blankets from pathar baba. Aastha says she asked him to steal it. Man asks why? Aastha says old people and children need it during winter. She says I went to homes of many people and asked for blankets, but I didn’t get any. She tells that she made the stone shake up using motor, and says they have distributed blankets among the poor old people and children. She says when I asked for blanket, nobody gave any, but when people think the stone as God, they brought many blankets. Man says you have played with people’s emotions.

Aastha asks him to give prasad and says my mum is having diabetes and will not have food before it. Man asks didn’t you have any shame to do this. Aastha says yes, she didn’t have shame to do this and was not scared. She says why shall I get afraid of God when I didn’t do anything wrong. She says God doesn’t exist for me, I am a nastik. Man is shocked. Pandit ji comes and asks why do you come here? Aastha says she comes for her Maa and asks Pandit to give him prasad. Pandit ji tells that if everyone of us are fools to believe God. Aastha says I am not raising question on them and says it is their believes. She tells that God differentiates between their bhakt, he gives palace to someone and don’t give even a shelter.

Pandit ji tells that earth quake, thunderstorm etc comes due to such nastiks. Aastha says you are thinking me wrong and says she came here for her mum. Mum slaps her and says you have heard enough. She says if you are nastik and don’t believe in God, then if you will fight with the world. Man says look at your mad daughter. Mum asks him to stop it. She tells that I have slapped her as she took out her heart out infront of deaf people. Everyone is shocked.

Mum says she got blankets for poor, what wrong did she do? She didn’t stop anyone from doing puja, and tells that she have saved people from fire risking her life. She tells Pandit ji that she prays to God that she gets Aastha only in every life. Man says your daughter is nastic and we have no place for such girl. She don’t have the right to get prasad and asks her to leave. He says if you defend her then we won’t let you enter this temple. Mum nods. Aastha asks her to take prasad and says I will leave. Mum gets emotional and hugs her. She thinks of her Dad’s words. Title song plays….Aastha walks out of temple. Goddess tells that Aastha is a good girl and have no place for me. She says our way will meet and will make her meet me.

A woman asks her son Dev to go soon and says temple doors will be closed. Dev jumps from his balcony and climbed on other houses to reach temple. Om Namashivay plays…..He reaches the temple jumping and overcoming the hurdles on the way. He reaches the temple before the door is shut and greets the God with folded hands. His face is shown as he sees the God’s idol.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Groom’s father asks Guru maa how can marriage happen without Sona daan rasam. Bride’s father tells Guru maa that he is managing to get gold and asks her to make him understand. Bride cries. Bride’s mum is about to take off her mangalsutra. Aastha stops them.

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