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1st Epi – Half Marriage 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Half Marriage 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The show starts with a girl Chandani who gets up in the morning looking at her mum’s pic and says good morning Maa. Servant is waiting for her service and asks her to get ready. Servant asks her to get ready and come for breakfast. Chandani comes for breakfast. She says she will have fruits, mango. Kaka asks other servant to bring it. Chandani thanks him. She comes out. Kaka asks which car, she wants to use? Chandani says she wants to use some car. He says it didn’t have servicing. She takes car and leaves.. Yeh mausam ki barish plays….. Simmi calls her and asks why did you go? Chandani says Papa will handle bhaiyya.

Hero Arjun is shown talking to his friend while it is raining. Chandani’s car stops. She gets down from the car, snatches hero’s umbrella and goes to get mechanic. Hero sits in her car and tells his friend that a girl took his umbrella. She comes back with the mechanic. Umbrella flies and falls down. She runs to get it and then comes back without it. She sees the hero not in car and finds her purse missing. She gets the note left by him and calls on his number. He asks her to come to market and apologize to him then he will return her purse. Chandani’s brother scolds her for going without informing her. He says she will get unwell. Chandani says what is wrong in doing some course/studies.

Servant asks Kaka to give coffee to Chandani, when she gave her, she told it is cold. Kaka gives her tea and she accepts it. Kaka tells Servant that Chandani don’t get her much love in this house. Chandani looks at her mum’s pic and says Papa and Bhaiya love her very much and is always worried about her safety. She says Papa works for the people and that’s why can’t stay with her, so she gets weak. She asks her to smile and says love you. She says I will get Bhaiya scolded by Papa.

A man (Chandani’s father and a politician) enters the temple and gets tilak done. He prays to God. The people calls him Saab Ji and says jai. Saab ji tells the audience that he is grateful to help them. Saab ji comes to his office. His men keeps someone captive for accusing Saab ji for selling wine. Later he gets to know that Chandani called. He calls her and scolds Sampath for not picking her call before. Saab ji praises her daughter. Chandani tells her that Bhaiya scolded her when she went to learn graphic course. Saab ji tells to Sampath that Chandani wants to learn some course.

Hero Arjun comes to his dad’s shop and takes the rice bags to shop. His Papa gets emotional and says his life is successful now. Mama ji comes. Hero talks to him and goes. His sister tries to talk to him. Mami asks how she is looking. He says not good. Mami gets irked and thinks she is Ms. Pethewali.

He goes to his house and gets scolded by his mum for changing jobs frequently for his values. Arjun says I know you likes Papa’s values and says it gives me strength to fight with wrong. I will make my own world and says you will be the first.

Chandani meets Arjun. Arjun asks her to pay for the umbrella which he lost because of him. She pays the money and asks for her purse. He asks her to say sorry and get purse. She says sorry. Chandani asks where is her 25000 and threatens to call Police. Arjun says he is wrongly blamed and asks her to call Police. He asks her not to meet him again.


Half Marriage 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saab ji and Chandani talk about Mr. perfect for her. Arjun’s mum says when the girl comes infront of him, she can’t refuse.

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