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1st Epi – Ikyawann 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Ikyawann 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ikyawann 13th November 2017 Episode Start With with a wedding celebrations and all me,beer traveling in bus and one of the ladies is pregnant with families 51st child and the bus meets with an accident.a lady steps out of on auto and makes a call,and says go check if that lady is alive or dead and gets back in auto singing song,her face is covered with black paint,and says you shouldn’t have done this to me,you rejected my Kiran and so I killed your love and the baby to be born.

In a temple,Panditji says don’t worry Parekh you will have a baby boy even this time and will look after your business,he says Mehul hasn’t done good with business yet and now Avni is 7 months pregnant let’s see what fate 51 st baby has. Bhaiya says Nitesh Mohi is nice girl concentrate on work now bhaiya gets a call and he is shocked,and is in tears. The lady in auto goes checks all ladies, and says god all these women are dead,and shouts at the women what did you do,she checks the pregnant women and says I just want to kill this baby and not others,because of this baby,my Kiran has lost her senses.

7 months back: Parekh rejects Kirans hand for Mehul saying he loves other women,upset Kiran,shatters whole house,Kiran looses her mind,as she was deeply in love with Mehul,her mother says they made my daughter turn mad,and removes all her Jewellery and applies black coal on her face and says I shall never take this off.mother says Mehuls lover is pregnant,and now she will die and her baby too,and no one in the family should learn about this,this black colour is my oath,and I will wash it off,only when I will see them die.

Mother washes off the black colour,and smiles. Avnis Delivery takes place in desert,Mehul and Parekh present there.leela (mother) gets ready and smiles,gulabo says ba I’m so happy that you washed off the colour,Leela says I’m so happy.they did injustice to my Kiran and now they got the result,did you hear,god made justice,no women if the family is alive. Kali says ba it’s not good to be happy in someone’s sadness,ba says vijay take away your wife,vijay says kali let’s go,Leela says this jewellery in the happiness of Mehul Parekh loss.

Avni dies during delivery,Mehul breakers down,Leela says this kamar band in the happiness of the death of the baby, Satya rushes to Leela,Leela scares him,he rushes. Mehul is handed his daughter,doctor says we with great difficulty saved her. Leela in anger after knowing the baby is alive,Leela steps in red colour and walks and says I will be in peace when I see that babies footstep in blood.

Doctor says the baby is week due to pre delivery,we need to put her on injections for 4 years,Parekh says how will we four men raise a girl and we were gonna have 51 st baby, first she is a girl and with her arrival all the ladies are dead,Parekh takes off his turban,Mehul hugs his baby,Parekh says let’s go away from here,I don’t want to stay in that family.

Mehul trying to calm down the baby,with his brothers helping him,he looks at avnis pic and is in tears. Mehul forgets her in auto,but auto diver hands her back,Mehul in tears. Avni grows up,she along with her mama and kaka,plays around, Mehul misses the fact that she can’t be with Avni,Avni is teased by kids in park that she wears clothes like boys,Mehul gets her dress stitched. Mama kaka and Mehul together make her ready for school.

Sushil asleep, mehul says wake up will you sleep on your bday too,Sushil gets upset on Parekh ignoring her. Leela says this year I shall find where is parekhs daughter.

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Ikyawann 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parekh says Sushil should learn to live like a girl,Sushil says I know how to be like a girl,he says ok then how about a cup of tea.sushil in temple with Parekh,Leela arrives in same temple.

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