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1st Epi – Kaun Banega Crorepati 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update


Kaun Banega Crorepati 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update, Kaun Banega Crorepati Written Update on

Kaun Banega Crorepati 3rd September 2018 Episode Start with Amitab Bachhan on the stage. Amitab bachhan say poem.

Mutthi Meni Kuch Sapne Lekar, Bharkar jebo Mein Ashaien, Dil Mein Hai Arman Yehi, Kuch Karjaye, Kuch Karjaye , Sooraj se tej nahin mujhmein, Deepak se jalta dekheoge, Apne Haad roshan karnese,tum mujhko kab tak rokoge

Amotab Bachhan Appear on stage and welcome to all.he tell all this poem is from the normal people and say to clap. He tell this program is on with the Janmastami. He intoduce the 10 Playes of india.

  1. soniya Yadav
  2. Somuseh Kumar Chaudary
  3. Shivaji Shakar Pawar
  4. sagarika Mohapatra
  5. Sangeeta Singh
  6. Sachin Kumar Gangil
  7. Kirit Rasadiya
  8. Anjula Bhatnagar
  9. Gangadhar Sahu
  10. Kiran

Amitab Welcome all 10 Players. Starting fastest finger first with 10 Players.

Fastest Finger First Question

Q : Arrange these Landmark events in india’s space programme in chronological order ?

  1. Announcement of Gaganyaan
  2. Launch of Mangalyaan
  3. Launch of aryabhat
  4. Formation of ISRO


  1. Formation of ISRO
  2. Launch of aryabhat
  3. Launch of Mangalyaan
  4. Announcement of Gaganyaan

sonya Yadav Give the right answer on 7.55 Second on fastest finger first.Amitab welcome soniya yadav on stage. They both sit on hot seat.Amitab introduce Soniya Yadav.Amitab Tell about the laws of the game.

First question for 1000 rs

Question : The trigger of a gun is , colloquially , also knows as what ?

  1. Haathi
  2. Baagh
  3. Ghoda
  4. OOnt

Answer : Ghoda

Right answer : Ghoda , Soniya Win 1000 Rs

Question : Which of the dishes is not a single item but has two separate components ?

  1. Batatta vada
  2. Dal Makhni
  3. Puran Pauli
  4. Puri Bhaji

Answer : Puri Bhaji

Right answer : Puri Bhaji, Soniya Win 2000 Rs

Question : Which of these numbers is normally required to verify a transaction, when shopping online using debit or credit card ?

  1. PAN
  2. PNR
  3. CVV
  4. AAdhar

Answer : CVV

Right answer : CVV, Soniya Win 3000 Rs

Question : In the film Pad man the character of akshya kumar invents a low cost machine to make what ?

  1. Paddy Crushers
  2. Sanitary Pads
  3. Righting Pads
  4. Knee Pads

Answer : Sanitary pads

Right answer : Sanitary pads , Soniya Win 5000 Rs

Question : which of these substance is composed of only two elements – hydrogen and oxygen ?

  1. water
  2. salt
  3. Sugar
  4. Blood

Answer : water

Right answer : water , Soniya Win 10000 Rs

Question : Nabah Sparsham Deeptam the motto of indian air force is taken from which ancient work ?

  1. Garuda Puran
  2. Valmiki Ramyan
  3. Bhagadwat Geeta
  4. Mundaka Upanisad

Sony take 50 : 50 Lifeline

  1. Bhagadwat Geeta
  2. Mundaka Upanisad

Sony take Audiance Poll

Poll : Bhagadwat Geeta

Answer : Bhagadwat Geeta

Right answer : Bhagadwat Geeta , Soniya Win 20,000 Rs

Question : Who was chief Minister of Karnataka immediately before H D Kumaraswamy succeded him to the post in May 2018 ?

  1. BS Yeddyuruppa
  2. Siddaramaiah
  3. Dhram Singh
  4. DV Sadanada Goda

Answer : BS Yeddyuruppa 

Right answer : BS Yeddyuruppa  , Soniya Win 40,000 Rs

Question : In which of these Events at the commonwealth games 2018 did the finals have two indians competing the gold Medal ?

  1. Men’s Single badmintion
  2. womens single table tenis
  3. Mens single table tenis
  4. womens single badmintion

Answer :womens single badmintion

Right answer : womens single badmintion , Soniya Win 80,000 Rs

Question : In which language are these words in the beginning of a song from popular hindi film ? audio question

  1. Punjabi
  2. Kashmiri
  3. Dogri
  4. Garhwali

Answer :Kashmiri

Right answer : Kashmiri , Soniya Win 1,60,000 Rs

Question : In 2018 which indian born person won the fields medal, often called the Nobel prize for mathematics ?

  1. Majul Bhagrava
  2. Akshya Venkatesh
  3. vasita Naraya Singh
  4. SS Abhyankar

Answer :Akshya Venkatesh

Right answer : Akshya Venkatesh , Soniya Win 3,20,000 Rs

Question : Identify this animals ? Video Cliped

  1. basilisk
  2. Gecko
  3. Salamader
  4. komodo Dragaon

Answer :Komodo Dragon 

Right answer :Komodo Dragon  , Soniya Win 6,40,000 Rs

Question :Which of these states capital is the farthest east ?

  1. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Nagaland
  3. Manipur
  4. Mizoram

Sony take Jodidar Lifeline

Sony take Ask the expert

Answer :Nagaland

Right answer :Nagaland  , Soniya Win 12,50,000 Rs

Question : At which monument in delhi did the british forces arrest bahadur shah zafar in September 1857 ?

  1. Hamyun;s Tomb
  2. Nizamuddin Dargah
  3. Purana Killa
  4. Tuglkagavad Fort

Sony Quit the Games

Answer : Purana Killa

Right answer : Hamyun;s Tomb 

Amitab take a selfie with soniya.

Fastest finger first for second player

Q : Arrange these words to form the title of a song starring Ranbir Kappor ?

  1. Har
  2. Fateh
  3. Maidaan
  4. Kar


  1. Kar
  2. Har
  3. Maidaan
  4. Fateh

Fastest Somesh Kumar Chaudary.

Both Playing Kaun Banega Crorepati for Tomorrow .

Kaun Banega Crorepati 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Somesh Kumar and Amitab Bachan Playing.

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