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1st Epi – Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Akhilesh Meets Dr. Ira


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th December 2017 Episode start With the introduction of Gullu’s family. His mum is a devotee of Hanuman ji. The lady complains to Hanuman ji and plays an aarti on tape recorder. She wishes her husband comes home. She says I didn’t let Gullu miss you, once he gets married, I will come running to you. Some men get trained by Gullu. Gullu shows the exercises for wrestling. Gullu’s mum Pushpa praises her son. Pandit comes home. She says pandit has got a reply from bride’s family. She asks did the girl’s family refuse again. He says Gullu/Akhilesh is not much educated, the girl is MA. She asks him to show photo of the girl. She disapproves the girl. She pastes the photo in cupboard. She says these girls have rejected Gullu, when he gets married, I will invite all of them, my son is a diamond. He says girls like modern guys, not any devotional guy. She says its my mistake. He says no, Awasthi is making Akhilesh stay away from girls.

Awasthi tells everyone that a man who falls in love with a girl can never succeed. Pushpa comes there and hits Awasthi. She scolds him for teaching wrong things to Gullu. Akhilesh asks her to stop it. She beats Awasthi and asks what are you teaching, marriage is destruction, woman is an illness, why did you get married and have five kids then, my Gullu will also get married and have children. She asks Awasthi’s wife Susheela to control her husband. Akhilesh lifts Pushpa and takes her. Susheela says I will see her in Vatsavitri puja. Akhilesh says I got you home as dad will be calling now. She praises him. Pushpa gets her husband’s call and talks sweetly.

He says I have to cook breakfast myself and eat food, its no fun here. She asks him to come home. Network goes. Akhilesh asks her to stand on his back. She gets on him. She continues the talk. She tells about Vatsavitri puja. He says I can come home when Gullu gets married. She says then it will happen very soon. She makes Gullu talk to his dad. Akhilesh talks to his dad. He says we miss you a lot, I will also find some job in Mumbai, shall we come there. His dad says no, its much crowdy, I have come on work, I will talk tomorrow. He ends call.

Akhilesh asks Pushpa for food. She gives food and asks him to get married and have kids. He says Guru ji taught me…. She gets angry. She says I forgot I have to do your dad’s duty also, do you know girls don’t like decent guys, become naughty and modern, see how I make you naughty, whistle now. He swallows parathas and whistles. She says amazing. She says I didn’t whistle, sound came from outside. She sees Chandu whistling and asks what’s happening. He says I was calling a goat. She says I know that goat started going college. He apologizes. She asks Chandu to teach eve teasing to Gullu. Akhilesh gets shocked and says I don’t want to tease any girl, I m Hanuman’s devotee. She recalls pandit’s words and asks Gullu to massage her head. He holds her head. She says swear on me, you have to tease a girl today else I will die. He asks what is she saying. She asks Chandu to take Akhilesh and teach him. Chandu asks how did Pushpa change so much, come we will tease someone. They leave. Pushpa sees her husband’s pic and says my Lord knows I have taught Akhilesh to walk on right path, today I m asking him to do something wrong, I can’t tolerate anyone saying my son is not like other guys, I wish he gets married soon and you return home.

Chandu makes Akhilesh dress up like a tapori. Akhilesh asks what did you make me wear. Chandu says this is suiting you, come and whistle now. Akhilesh says I don’t know whistling. Chandu jokes on him. They leave in a boat. Chandu asks Akhilesh to say dialogues while meeting girls’ eyes. Akhilesh says I can’t see any girl. Chandu says nothing can happen of you, don’t know who will she be.

The girl is shown. She sells contraceptives. She says I m a doctor, we are having a population control camp. The man says you are a woman, don’t you have any shame. She asks him to see country’s population. Some men talk cheap. She gets angry. Chandu shows girls to Akhilesh and asks him to tease the girls, so that he gets a slap from them. Akhilesh gets worried. He goes to the girls, watching their shoes and sandals, instead face. He recalls Pushpa’s words and says I gave a promise to Amma. He goes to the girl. She scolds him and goes. He says Devi ji…. The girl passes by. Chandu asks him to go to Ramleela’s Surpanakha, she will give you a slap, give her some money, she will be wearing red sandals and pink kurta, you can identify her, just say this poetry lines to her.

The girl Dr Ira Desai beats the man. The man says she is very Hanikarak/harmful. She scolds them and leaves. Akhilesh goes looking for red sandals wearing girls. Ira tells her dad about the bad guys. She travels in a boat. She promises her dad that she won’t fight now. She scolds a guy for staring at her. Akhilesh sees Ira wearing red sandals and pink kurta. He gets mistaken and chants Hanuman mantra. He makes a SRK pose. She hands him over the contraceptive and goes. He gets shocked and says I don’t use all this. She says you have to change this thinking. He sees her going and reads the poetry to get a slap from her. He asks her to slap him. She kicks him.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Akhilesh asks Ira not to get mistaken of him. Pushpa gets insulted. Akhilesh angrily breaks down a huge tree, parting it by his roots. Everyone gets shocked.

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi Details

Meri Hanikarak Biwi is an Indian Drama series on &TV. Featuring Karan Suchak and Jiaa Shankar, Meri Hanikarak Biwi is about Akhilesh, a village simpleton whose world turns upside down when his doctor fiancée accidentally performs a vasectomy procedure on him before their wedding.


Palak Purswani
Raju Shrestha
Sucheta Khanna
Anjali Mukhi
Hetal Puniwala
Jia Shankar
Karan Suchak

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min