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1st Epi – Perfect Pati 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update

Rajshri Finds Vidhita Perfect For Pushkar


Perfect Pati 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update, Perfect Pati Written Update on

Perfect Pati 3rd September 2018 Episode Start With Vidhita/Vidhi starting her day. She asks Bela to wake up. Rajshri sings aarti at home and prays for getting a bahu. Vidhita sees her sister and Jiju’s lovely relation and smiles. She thinks their relation is still so cute and lovely, its right, jodis are made in heaven. She acts like Maasa and compliments her sister. Maasa sees them laughing and comes to remind their manners. Maasa asks Vidhita where is she going right now, is there anyone waiting for her at the fair. Vidhi goes to work. She says Maasa is so strict, while her daughter Bela is so fun loving, Bela is different. Bela comes and asks how do I look. Vidhi says you look beautiful. Vidhi says your dress is so good, I think your dress will suit me, come and give me your dress, we shall change clothes.

Maasa asks her son to go and change his Kurta. He asks his wife to go fast. Maasa sees both of them gone and drops the curtains. She says he is always after his wife, when will they have a child. Rajshri gives laddoos to servant and asks him if he took medicine. Servant says I m content working in this house. She asks him not to call himself a servant. She says Pushkar worries for me a lot, but where is he. Pushkar sits meditating. He gets disturbed by a dog and signs servant to beat the dog. Rajshri comes calling him. He says sorry, I didn’t hear you, I m not so old that I can’t take care of myself. He says I know but I feel good to take care of you. She says you have grown up, I think how will I share your love with your wife, will I have same rights on you after your marriage. He says no one can take your place, I m ready to stay unmarried if needed. She says fulfilling duty is good, but marriage won’t snatch happiness, your wife will keep you happy, I will be happy seeing you happy. Bela changes the dress and comes. Vidhi says you look good. Bela stares at her dress again. Vidhi says no, listen to me, you look beautiful. Bela says no, I think this color will suit me. Vidhi says Bela is Jiji’s Nanand, she is always confused. Pushkar’s sister Meera comes. He gives an angry stare at her and acts sweet.

He asks her to wear traditional clothes. She says I m going in function, not any marriage, this is latest collection. He says fine, your wish is my wish. Rajshri gives prasad. He says I will feed her. He drops the sweets on Meera’s dress. Meera asks what did you do, I have to get ready fast. Rajshri asks her to wear the dress which Pushkar gave her on rakhi last time. Meera goes. Maasa says Bela also got mehendi being with Vidhi. Bela shows her dress. Maasa says so you took time to get ready. Vidhi and everyone compliment Bela. Jijusa gives money to Vidhita. They all go to the fair. The shop vendor Rangeela looks for his lover. He smiles seeing Vidhi. Vidhi says I m going to Suman. Maasa takes some money to shop for Bela. Jijusa goes with his wife to buy an anklet. Vidhi meets Suman. Suman says Rangeela is waiting for you. Vidhi says he is not leaving me. Suman says he is your childhood love and teases her. Suman tells about competition. She says girls have to tell about their opinion about perfect husband, winner will get 10000rs.

Maasa gets happy. Bela says its strange competition. Maasa asks Bela to go in the competition. Rajshri and her family arrives to judge the competition. Vidhi sees a horse gone wild and going to hurt people. Vidhi runs and saves Rajshri. She asks are you fine. Rajshri looks at her. Crowd gathers. Rajshri does the aarti in temple. Vidhi sees Rajmata’s hand getting the smoke. She holds the aarti stand and asks her not to worry, nothing happened to her, why to be scared, no fear can scare us till we lose in front of fear. Rajshri smiles and thinks this girl is nice, she has won my heart, I want such a girl for my Pushkar. Pushkar digs the soil and sees some clothes. He burns clothes. He says every relation is different, but woman’s limits are same, Meera has to understand that woman shouldn’t run after modern fashion, clothes are to cover modesty. He recalls going to Meera’s room and getting all her western dresses to burn them. Someone watches Pushkar.

Pushkar goes to see and catches the servant. He scolds the servant Badri. He acts mad and scares Badri. Badri runs away. Vidhi says I wanted to ask something, but Kanha ji said I don’t need anything as you guys are with me. Maasa gets blessings for Bela. Everyone comes in Perfect Pati competition. Rajshri says I m happy that Sarpanch kept this competition, guys tell about their choice of girls, today the girls will express their choice. The girls tell their choices, qualities, expectations and wishes about the perfect husband. Meera jokes hearing Bela. Pushkar sets the soil back. Someone comes there and greets him. He says mom and Meera aren’t at home. The girl says I have come to meet you, can you teach me gardening. He says I m not interested in talking to girls like you. She asks what’s the problem, what type of girls do you like. Vidhi comes on stage. Rangeela says Vidhi will praise me now. Vidhi says all the girls know about the perfect pati, I haven’t thought about it, I want the guy to be good-hearted, if not handsome, every responsibility should be equal, who gives you freedom.

Pushkar says girls should stay in limits. Vidhi says he should give me place in heart, I want a friend in my husband. Pushkar says one who knows her place in family. Vidhi says who saves me from Saas’ taunts. Pushkar says perfect wife is one who has sense of dressing, who worships Saas like I do. Vidhi says I will cook food for my husband, I will be glad if he cares for me, cooks for me, talks to me. Pushkar says one who stays silent and listens to husband, who just accompanies me, one who is good hearted and good charactered, I will love her and marry her. Vidhi says one who loves me will be my perfect pati. Pushkar says you aren’t that girl. Everyone claps for Vidhi. Vidhi wins the competition. Rangeela gets happy. Maasa asks Bela why didn’t she win. Rajshri gives the reward to Vidhi, she says your words have impressed me, thanks. Vidhi says saying thanks ends relation, I heard a lot about you, I m happy to help. Rajshri says I feel like we should meet again.

Meera says we shall take a pic with Vidhita. She takes pics and praises Vidhi. Vidhi says I m very happy. Rangeela says congrats, I knew you will win, I got a gift. Vidhi fools Rangeela and goes. Rajshri leaves. She calls pandit and says I liked Vidhi, I want to make her bahu, person should be rich by values, not money. Pandit gets glad. Jijusa says Vidhi made us proud. Vidhi says this money is for you. He asks her to deposit money in bank account. He says I will find perfect pati for you. She gives him money and goes. He asks Maasa why is she angry. She asks him to think for Bela first and then Vidhi. He says both are my responsibility, I didn’t differentiate between them. She argues with him. He asks her to forget the old incident and move on. Maasa says truth hurts everyone. He asks her to think about Vidhi’s wounds. He says I m trying to find alliances for both of them. She says I want Bela to get married soon. Vidhi hears them and cries.

Meera shows earrings to Pushkar. He says its good. She says I got much tired. He gives her fav juice. She says you are so sweet. Pushkar asks Rajshri did her prayer get answered. Meera tells about perfect pati competition, mom liked a girl. Rajshri says I have liked that girl a lot. Meera says you said you want to make that girl your bahu. She goes. Pushkar asks what was Meera saying, will I stay happy with any village girl. She says I m also from village, she is different like me. Meera shouts. Rajshri goes to see. Vidhi recalls Banna leaving Vidhi in mandap and Jijusa begging him to marry Vidhi. Meera shows the empty wardrobe. Rajshri asks how can this happen. Meera says don’t worry, Pushkar was at home, lets ask him. Pushkar gets dresses for Meera. Meera asks did you get all this for me. He says your fav dress spoilt because of me, I went to market and got new collection for you, did you like it. Meera says my brother is world’s best brother. He hugs her. Rajshri says I have chosen best bhabhi for your best brother. Pushkar asks are you serious, I thought you are joking. Meera shows the pic. Pushkar asks what’s the need to hurry. Rajshri says Vidhi is perfect for you, we shall take talk ahead if you like her, you can trust me. Pushkar says I trust you.


Perfect Pati 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Pandit says Rajshri has sent alliance for Vidhi. Pushkar gets ready. Maasa lies that Rajshri has sent alliance for Bela.

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Perfect Pati Details

Perfect Pati (Hindi: परफेक्ट पति) is an Hindi TV Serial on And Tv channel. Sayali Sanjeev, Jaya Prada are in the lead roles in show. This serial is made under the Production of Film Farm India production. Bollywood actress Jaya Prada first time working in television. It is Starts/Launch on 3 September 2018, Mon-Fri, 9:00 PM. & TV is all set to come up with a new show called Perfect Pati which will be a debut vehicle for veteran Bollywood actress Jaya Prada on the small screen. Jaya Prada was one of the most well-known Bollywood actresses of the 80’s and she is all set to revive her acting career with her upcoming show Perfcet Pati.

Cast :

Jaya Prada
Samarth Shandilya
Sayali Sanjeev

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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