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1st Epi – Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with a baby’s birth happening in Lal Mahal. Satrupa delivers the child, while everyone is seen doing puja. Everyone hears the baby cry. Two babies are seen in the cradle. Someone picks a baby and leaves. Guards stand at the door. The woman runs away with the baby. She meets a man Murari Pathak. She says its a girl, just hide this secret, if she was not a girl, her fate would have been something else. She goes. She says I m a culprit and goes. Murari sees the baby girl’s face. He sees the sky. He checks the baby’s palms. He says one of your hand has blank paper and other hand has a pen to write your fate, you will write your fate on your own, you don’t need a palace, you will rule wherever you stand, Lord has sent you, you are my Anami.

The royal family get happy to get their heir, a baby boy. The man says he is our heir Vikram. Everyone gets happy. Someone comes and greets the elderly man. He congratulates and says heir has come. He plays dhol. A little boy looks on. The lady sees the boy and signs maid to take him away. Another lady who gave away Anami looks at Satrupa. After 20 years in Banaras, Anami’s mum wakes her up. She asks Anami to greet earth and then step on it. Anami wakes up. She goes out and does workout on the ghats. Anami and her brother wash Shiv idol. Anami’s mum sets her hair. She argues with her mum. Her brother comes. He asks for Murari. His mum says he has gone to sweet shop. He says there is a Sammelan in middle of Ganga ji. Anami and her brother leave on her bike. Madhubala….plays….Anami goes to that people and expose the fake baba, who is fooling them. She explains how the fake baba learnt all info about him. She says my aim is to make such thugs away from here. Anami’s brother falls down the boat. Anami saves him and gets him home. Their mum scolds Anami, while worrying for her son. Anami cries and goes.

Maha aarti happens in temple. Anami beats the blankets with a stick and gets her pain out. Her mum hugs her. They both cry. Anami thinks I know Murari and his wife are not my parents, they have just raised me, my birthday will come again and slap me, it will remind some selfish woman has gave me birth and abandoned me, I have to live my sad birthday again.

Back in Lal mahal, the people chant Vikram’s name. Satrupa comes with her son Vikram. The family does puja together. Satrupa gets the sword. She does rituals and drops her blood on the coconut. Vikram takes Guru ji’s blessings. Guru ji says your mum has raised you by shedding blood, you touch her feet. Vikram asks Satrupa why does she bear all this for him, she is keeping fast since two days. She wishes her happy birthday and says I will have food after sunrise. Vikram’s dad wishes him happy birthday.

Vikram says you are best dad. His dad says you are best son. Dada ji talks to everyone. He says it will be good if we give all the rights to the deserving person, its time demand that new generation takes our legacy ahead, family relation runs on blood, but business runs on talents. Their relatives come and talk that they are the best and talented ones in business. They are sure that they will be announced as heirs. Dada ji says I m sure Vatsal Vikram will run my family and business, he has both the talents. The relatives get jealous. People chant Vikram’s name. Dada ji says we are going Banaras tomorrow, we do puja of heirship on Ganga ghat. He asks Satrupa to do all arrangements. Relative/uncle goes away and mixes in the crowd. He aims the gun at Vikram.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uncle says our family left for Banaras with Vatsal, he should not come back. Anami says my mum will always be Murari’s wife. Murari sees the palace maid on the ghat. She hides her face.