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1st Epi – Vani Rani 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
The day begins with pooja. A little girl wakes up her sister up. She says Drishiti I will kill you. I was seeing such a good dream. Drishiti says you will never become a model. She says shut up. They both go and knock doors of Sartik. Drishti saays I am sure he slept late. He opens the door. They both say why you study so much. You will get so old. Dirshti says aadi wake up. Rani’s arti must have started. Adi wakes up. They both come down. Adi is doing arti. They all sneak and stand there. Rani says today my jiji turns 50. She is totally different from me. She thinks before speaking unlike me. You have to give her blessings God. They all take parsad. Rani says where are the parsad ladhus? She says I didn’t eat them. Maybe the idol did. Everyone laughs. Rani gives them all parsads. She says I make halwa for jiij every time. But you all stopped me for this surprise. Adi says there will be no mistake from my side. Kamiya tells the plan to Sid and everyone. Drishti says I want to come first. Vani comes in and says where is everyone. They all hide.

They all say good morning to her. Drishit says Rani get my lunch box ready. I am getting late. She says good morning to Vani. Vani leaves. Kaviya says everyone acted so well. Drishti saays I think she forgot her birthday. Ranit says she don’t forget everything.

Scene 2
Vani is in court. She is a lawyer and proves the culprit wrong. She says you gave her poison. He says no my wife didn’t write any letter before dying. she says see he was there. Yes this paper was empty. Now we will write your sentence on it. everyone claps for her.

At house, everyone is preparing for the surprise. Kaviya and Drishti dance. Adi and Rani dance with her as well.
Sid comes to Vani. He says mama I.. She says want to wish me? don’t. I don’t need it.Sid calls them and says she is upset. Kaviya says yes we did it. Rani says who will bring her to the paarty? Vani’s husband comes and says I will.

Vani is upset. Parkash calls her and says we have to meet my friend. Thatv project is important for me. We have to go there.
Rani says to her husband stop singing that song. He says I like girl in it. She says shut up. He says I am looking for clothes for the party. brother’s friends will come. She says you do so much for this house. You are perfect. Stop looking flaws in yourself. Drishti comes and says get ready.

Drishit comes to Adi and says please fix my hair. He says yes. Parkash comes and asks everyone are you ready? They say yes. Parkash says everyone should know that you are my kids. Look good. Rani and her husband come. Parskh says in heart they can never change. Rani says this is such a big say. I hope this day kills the distance between me and my sister. Kaviya says it will. Parkash says in heart I won’t let them come there.


Vani Rani 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vani asks sartik rest of the peopel didn’t come. Drishit says they were ready but dad.. Rani says to her husband didi liked playing hide and seek in childhood. Se used to see me with closed eyes but now she can’t see me with open eyes even.

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