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1st Episode – Chupke Chupke 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Hero of the show tells that although they have launched the start up together, t can’t take leaves. He says work is important to me. He is Abhishek Awasti, age 29 years who is like a friend, loving and have big dreams. His friends tell that nothing will matter much if they go home early. Abhishek tells that we have to be focus when we work in the office. Abhi picks the call. Ankita tells that someone came. Awasti family is shown, they have only one dream, they want to see Abhishek married. Dadi talks to Yamraj and asks why you want to take me. Her son tells that she makes much noise. Dadi asks him to let her see her children and asks them to stand in line. They stand in the lines.

Gopal says we can’t let you go. Dadi says nothing can happen and asks where is my favorite grand son. Abhi comes home. Dadi asks yamraj to wait and says she wants promise for him. Abhi says nothing will happen to you. His parents ask him to agree. Abhi says no. Kids act to be unwell. Abhi gets ready and says ready.

Dadi tells that she is feeling good and pretends to talk to Yamraj that he will take her only after he sees his bride. Abhi says why do you do acting. Dadi says she really has pain in her knee. Abhi smiles. Dadi asks him to marry before she dies. Abhi says why you are talking like this and says I said yes. Dadi says your wife will be beautiful, innocent, 12 countries adarsh bahu etc. She lives her life on her terms. Bride’s introduction is shown. Neeraj praises that she is looking like an adarsh bahu. Subruto tells that audience will be stupid to light the lamp.

Meera tells that adv is not just adv for her. She asks her employer to come and see the agarbati campaign. His boss is busy on phone. He then asks her to see the campaign and asks her to go home, as someone is coming to see you. He asks her to go. She says how did you know? He says your father told me and asks who is he? Meera thinks why everyone is after her. He thinks when 90 percent of people are marrying, what will be the change if she don’t marry. She goes home and sees her dad crying, He says they have told us so much. Chachi also cries and tells that they have cursed us that you will never marry. Her cousin tells that I can’t see you happy.

Her dad cries while sitting. He asks him to marry and asks her to promise and get married, else can see his dead face. Meera says I can’t see our dead face and goes. Papa ji knocks on her door and asks her to come. It was meera’s imagination. Her family is introduced. He tells that he asked guy’s family to come next Saturday. Meera says she don’t want to marry and don’t like him to gossip about her marriage.

Chacha says he told some people in his circle. Meera says I don’t want to marry, I guess I will be just get old in the house and says she can’t take it. She sees Mausami an scolds her for touching the cupboard. Mausami tells that she is going with Gacchu. Meera refuses to give her dupatta.

Chachi comes and asks her to take some other dupatta kept in her room. Meera says you are so understanding and asks when I will become like you. Chachi convinces her to see the guy. Meera agrees and is little skeptical about the groom and his family. She asks her dad if he heard their conversation. He says your inlaws will not come in your privacy and will be small ane peaceful family. Awasti big family is shown making noise at the birthday party.


Chupke Chupke 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi and Meera are troubled by the marriage thought. They come to the supermarket. Abhi sees Meera in the supermarket.

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