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29th January 2018 Written Episode Update Spoilers 29th January 2018



Harman points a gun at Mohini. He asks her to leave from his house. He confronts Mohini for supporting Maharani. He doubts that Mohini has also laid a trap for Soumya. Mohini learns her sister is in danger. He tells her that he will come along and know if she is saying truth. They find a woman tied up at the said address and get her released. Mohini succeeds to fool Singh family. Harman wants to connect the links which are related to Maharani. Maharani has died, but he wants to assure that the danger is completely over. Mohini tells Harman that she is not harming the family. Harman makes Soumya swear that she will never hide things from him, as things will just get complicated by her secrecy.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Tiwari ji and Anita visit a farmhouse on sale. He asks Anita to show the farmhouse to Vibhuti and convince him for buying it. He tells her that its really getting sold at a cheap price. He plans a date with her and stops the bike at the Dhaba. He tells her that he will order cold drinks. Few goons trouble them at the Dhaba. The goons tease Anita. Tiwari ji gets scared of the goons. He just claims to thrash them. Anita sees him just boasting big things and not taking any action. Anita shows her daring side and beats the goons. Tiwari thanks her for stopping him from the fight, else he would have killed the goons.

Naamkaran :

Neil and Avni’s sweet moments will be seen again. They all celebrate happiness after Avni returns home after six months. The family pampers Avni. They treat her like a princess. They enjoy the family time. Shweta gives a task to Neil. She asks Neil to make Avni laugh, cook food for her and emotionally content her. Neil praises Avni and makes her happy. Avni gets emotional with the family’s love. Neil gets a cute gift for Avni. Neil struggles to make food. Prakash helps him. They mess up the kitchen.

Bebe asks Prakash not to help Neil, as its Neil’s task. Neil spoils the flour by extra water. He burns the dish as well. Prakash asks Neil to maintain his cool and cook with love. He gives some tips to Neil before leaving. Mishti spies on Neil. She asks Neil not to do cheating. Neil prepares food for her with much difficulty. She tastes the food and compliments Neil. Neil wins the task. He brings a smile on Avni’s face. Neela gets happy that Neil and Avni united forever. She wishes Vidyut doesn’t create a trouble for them again.

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