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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Sahil Beaten By Goons On Yash’s Call


Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update, Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Written Update on

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th July 2018 Episode Start With Yash warns Vaidika that if she tries to break their wedding she would again witness the destruction of Agarwal family. He was trying to force himself over Vaidika when Sahil enters the room and grabs Yash’s collar. Yash pushes Sahil away. Sahil throws everything around the house on floor shouting at Yash as a bad uncle who is beating Vaidika. Yash asks Vaidika to stop him. Everyone from the family gather inside and tries to calm Sahil. Gauri notices Vaidika was sweating badly and felt uncomfortable. Deepak takes her outside. Vaidika also walks out of the room while Nani follows her. Yash decides to teach Sahil a lesson and finish this chapter of craziness.

Sahil drank on the streets around Vaidika’s old house. He was lost in thoughts about Vaidika and got drunk sitting there on the road.He sits on the floor there and shouts at God for torturing Vaidika. First Vaidika’s husband died, then that Gautham and now this Yash whom Vaidika married. Why should Vaidika suffer so much, he would kill Yash. He breaks the bottle on floor and fell there.

Gauri speaks to Vaidika she is a strong lady, why she seems to be tensed. She doesn’t understand why she married Yash, but if she is unhappy why remain in such a relation. Vaidika says she had to save lives of many, specially the one who never thought about his own life for her. Vaidika says she had no other option. Gauri holds her hand and asks Vaidika to tell her anything she can do for her. Vaidika hugs Gauri nodding. When Gauri leaves, Vaidika thinks she wonders how long she will be able to bear all this. One day she might be fed up of Yash’s attitude but she will help Sahil and his family as much as she can.

Deepak assures Yash on phone that he will help him. He has arranged four men who would be enough to teach good lesson to Sahil. Yash wasn’t ready to spare Sahil for loving his wife.There, goons gather around the drunk Sahil.Vaidika prays in front of temple that the house is gathered in troubles. Sahil’s condition is worsening, Yash’s behavior hurts her. She prays for Sahil’s safety and strength for herself. She lights a flame in front temple but it goes out.

There, the goons break a bottle over Sahil’s head and beats him badly while he was badly drunk. Deepak enjoyed the scene from a corner.Vaidika tries to light the flame again, worried of the storm.Sahil was badly beaten.Vaidika saves the flame. She prays for Sahil’s safety, else her believe over God would also shatter.
Deepak hear siren of police mobile and whistles to alert the goons. Sahil lay on the floor unconscious and injured. A girl draped in fancy clothes come to Sahil and notices he was badly injured. She thinks she came in the right time and asks Sahil to get up, she made the goons leave. She appreciates herself for doing so well. She first ran from her wedding in Mumbai and saved a life here in Kanpur. The goons had gathered again and hits Bhoomi’s head. She fell unconscious this time. Sahil had gotten up, got a wooden rod to beat the goons and later fell on the floor with all of them.

Bhoomi wakes up and thinks if everyone is unconscious who saved her then? She decides to take Sahil to her sister’s house as his heart is still beating.Vaidika comes to Nani in a panic situation that Sahil isn’t home. Nani tells her to forget about Sahil. Bari Amma and others come asking about Sahil. Nani tells them to find their son by themselves, her daughter isn’t a maid for their son. Vaidika receives a call and hurries outside. Sahil lay in her old house on a couch. She notices he was unconscious. Anjana, Bari Amma and others also reach there. Anjana kiss Sahil’s forehead out of concern. Deepak also reach there. Puneesh says he already warned Bari Amma they must stalk this woman, she must have kept Sahil somewhere. Anjana asks Vaidika how he got hurt. Vaidika says she is clueless. Nani wonders who unlocked their house and brought him here. Bhoomi calls from behind that she did. Everyone turns to see a bride draped in a jacket. She says she brought this boy here.


Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhoomi tells Vaidika that she was welcomed into Kanpur with sticks and rods. She had fallen unconscious but wonders who saved her from those rods? Sahil speaks up he did. Bhoomi tells Sahil it’s difficult to find a lover like him in life. Sahil thinks at least Vaidika’s sister has accepted it.

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Details

Aapke As Jane Se is an Indian television soap opera drama.The series premiere on 15 January 2018 and it is currently airing on Zee TV. at IST 10:30 MP. on Monday to Friday Nights. The series is produced by Budhi Tree Multi Media PVLD. and the series is started by Karan Jotwani as Sahil and Suhasi Dhami as Vedhika.


Resha Konkar
Suhasi Dhami
Geeta Tyagi
Karan Jotwani
Mohit Dagga

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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