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Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil plans a surprise for Vedika’s romantic love proposal


Bhoomi gets Vedika there and provokes her to confess love. Vedika slaps Bhoomi. Bhoomi realizes that Vedika loves Sahil. She plans to make Vedika fall unconscious and take her away to Sahil, so that Sahil can express his feelings to Vedika and recreates their love moments. Sahil returns to his normal self. Vedika learns his truth that he was faking madness to get her. She gets upset with him. He thinks to apologize and make up for his mistake. He plans a surprise for Vedika. He decorates the place with Vedika and his photo collages. Sahil gets a cute cake for Vedika.

Sahil had been sent to mental asylum and Vedika is shattered while Bhoomi now tries to get Sahil to normal.Bhoomi knows that Sahil loves Vedika and that is the only thing which can bring Sahil’s memory back.Vedika proposes Sahil.Bhoomi asks Vedika to do as she says, Bhoomi makes plan where Vedika sets romantic set up for Sahil.Vedika had to propose Sahil and confess love just to make Sahil recall his lost memory and Vedika is ready to do so to get Sahil back.Will this proposal of Vedika turn life changer for Sahil as he is enacting memory loss drama.

Arya wants Sahil and Vedika to unite. She supports them. Arya doesn’t regard Yash as her father. Arya helps Sahil in getting Vedika. Sahil prepares to propose Vedika. Manjula ruins the things. She scolds Sahil. She flops Sahil and Arya’s plan. She throws the cake and gifts, so that Sahil and Vedika don’t reconcile. She doesn’t care for anything. She thinks of the comforts she is getting because of Vedika’s marriage with Yash. She doesn’t want Vedika to leave Yash’s house. Arya hopes that Vedika also confesses love to Sahil. Sahil tries to remind Vedika about their love journey.

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