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Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika Move on from Sahil’s life, Hate story begins

Aapke Aa Jane Se 5 years leap


Vedika feels she is really unlucky for everyone. She decides to leave the house, as she thinks Sahil can have more problems in life if she stays around. She cries and leaves a letter for Sahil in the temple. Sahil and Bhoomi see Vedika leaving. Sahil gets Vedika’s letter. He reads the letter, while Vedika gets in dilemma. She thinks it will be good if she stays away from Sahil. She realizes that the world will always keep taunting, and this will hurt her, her child and Sahil also.

Vedhika will refuse to accept love for Sahil being traumatised due to Yash’s death.Furious Sahil left with no other option, will cut his hand and fill Bhoomi’s hairline getting married to her.Badi Amma to kidnap Vedhika’s child handover to Sahil Bhoomi,Adding more drama to the same, Vedhika will deliver her child at the same time but Badi Amma will kidnap the kid and handover the same to Sahil Bhoomi saying Vedhika refuses accepting the kid.

She doesn’t want her baby to get troubled by her mental asylum. She wants to get away from everyone. Vedika protects her baby from the bad influence. She decides to live her life alone and independent. Sahil doesn’t want Vedika to blame himself, and he will get more hurt after her move. He wants to explain Vedika that her absence will shatter him, she isn’t protecting him from pain by going away. Vedika leaves the house, while Sahil looks for her. He doesn’t want Sahil to reach her.

It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show.Keep reading for more updates on Aapke Aa Jane Se.

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