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Aarambh 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarambh 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devsena seeing Mahisha. Mahisha gets the ring. Jaldev gets the metal fixture and thinks to keep it under the throne. Mahisha smiles seeing Devsena. The ring gets hot. Devsena forwards her hand. Mahisha gets a jerk. The ring falls down his hand and goes to Jaldev, while he was going towards the throne. Everyone gets shocked. Jaldev lies that he was protecting the throne, which is most imp in any Rajya. Sambhavija says you are very clever. Jaldev picks the ring and it turns blue like water. He gets it to Devsena and holds her hand. They both sense holding hands in their last birth. He gives her the ring. Devsena wears the ring. Silamban says Devsena’s engagement completed, congrats, do arrangements of Anand utsav. Jaldev thinks I could not keep this under the throne and lost a good chance. Meghla goes to talk to Jaldev.

Sambhavija says we have a tradition, the princess dances and shows her happiness, Devsena will perform today and will mesmerize Mahisha. Devsena says I will dance, but I need a partner in dance. People gossip does Devsena know dance, we did not see her dance till now, maybe she chooses Mahisha for the dance. She sees Jaldev and passes by Mahisha. She goes to Jaldev. She asks will you dance with me Shivgam. The ladies say why did princess choose a protector instead her would be husband. Sambhavvija says women here are very unique, Devsena is a princess. Mahisha says so what, I like that crazy women. Devsena and Jaldev dance. Devsena thinks how does his dance has such fire, did he ignite fire to the throne. Sambhavija asks Mahisha to dance with her and takes him. Silamban gets shocked. Meghla thinks to stop this dance. She throws a coin. Devsena steps on it and falls. Jaldev holds her in arms. Meghla gets angry.

Mahisha gets angry and says I can’t see this more, my anger and jealousy is out of control. He holds a curtain and it ignites fire everywhere. Devsena gets shocked. Indramitra gets Jaldev’s message by the bird. He reads Jaldev’s message and says what is Jaldev meaning to say, his identity is of water, how can he catch fire. He recalls asking Jaldev to go ahead and step in the fire. Jaldev walks in the fire and blows it off. Indramitra smiles and says your power and identity is water, this is your strength. Fb ends. Indramitra says what is this power that wants to burn Jaldev. He chants mantras and sees the Dravid palace on fire. He says what is this power, I have to reach Jaldev and alert him.

Devsena thinks did Shivgam ignite this fire. Sambhavija asks who ignited this fire. Silamban says throne was ignited, Devsena was attacked and now this fire, Praja will not believe is us. Sambhavija says find the one who did this. Devsena says just Hahumaa can say about it. She goes to Hahumaa and asks her to help, someone has reached me to ruin me and my family. I feel its Shivgam, I want you to confirm it once.

Hahumaa comes and asks her to get anything of his belonging, don’t tell this to anyone. Devsena agrees and goes. Meghla recalls Devsena’s words and thinks she asked me to stay away from Shivgam, and now she is going to him. Devsena gets a wristband. Meghla comes and asks what are you doing here. Devsena recalls Hahumaa’s words. Meghla says you asked me to stay away from Shivgam, what are you doing here, you chose him for dance, why, if you like him, you could have told me truth. Devsena says I can’t tell anything, just trust me, I m doing this for our good. She goes. Meghla says I will trap Shivgam in my beauty before you get him. Devsena gives the wristband to Hahumaa.

Hahumaa says this smoke will find this man, his face will be seen and your enemy will be known. Indramitra asks Jaldev about his aim. Jaldev tells about princess Devsena. The smoke reaches Jaldev. Indramitra asks Jaldev to remember his aim, to kill Devsena, is he hiding anything. Jaldev says no Acharya. Indramitra asks where is that yantra. Jaldev shows him. Indramitra says till you have this yantra, no powers can harm you. Smoke couldn’t go close to Jaldev. Devsena asks what did you see. Hahumaa says my powers could not reach him, he is made a protective shield, he is hiding his identity. Devsena says it means he is Shivgam, what shall I do. Hahumaa says kill him before he kills your family. Jaldev says I remember my oath, I will fulfill it, you wrote me that you feel like staying in between fire, you were right, there is a fire power in that palace who want to kill Devsena, get friendly with that power, help him and fulfill the aim, none can burn him, your identity is of water, find that man and kill the enemy. Jaldev agrees. Indramitra blesses him.

Sambhavija asks Silamban did you get that man who ignited fire in palace. He says no. She says Siyala did this. He says you liked me years ago and snatched me from Siyala, now Siyala is taking revenge from you. She says even you were attracted to me, you are my husband. He asks do you care, you are snatching Mahisha from Devsena. She says I m Maharani and can keep many husbands, you will always be my husband, I will trouble Siyala this way. He goes. She uncovers the mirror and sees real Sambhavija. She says I will snatch your daughter’s husband. Sambhavija says you are not Sambhavija, you are Padmavija, my sister, what can I expect from you. Padmavija says what did I do, remind me. Sambhavija says you cheated me. Padmavija smiles. FB shows Padmavija talking to tantric. He says you want to take Sambhavija’s place and can’t kill her, your life is linked to her, if she dies, you will die. She says I want to take her place and throne. He says there is a solution, tell me will you help me, I will tell you what I want when time comes. She says fine, I want my solution now. He gives her a mirror. She asks what will I do of this. Silamban tells Sambhavija that Padmavija is trying to get close to him, she entered his room, he made her out of room somehow. She says how dare she, I will make you out of the room. Padmavija blows the powder on the mirror. Sambhavija comes and asks how dare you snatch my husband. Padmavija asks what are you saying. Sambhavija says don’t lie, Silamban told me everything. Padmavija says I will snatch your everything. She pushes her inside a mirror. Sambhavija gets locked and asks what did you do, let me come out. Padmavija laughs and wears her crown. She says I m Sambhavvija now and you are Padma. She hides the mirror when Silamban comes. She acts like Sambhavija and says I had to kill Padmaviija when she tried to snatch you from me. FB ends.

Padmavija says you are elder to me, you are my twin, how can I look elder to you. She touches and blackens her hair. She laughs. Jaldev sees someone and thinks its Devsena. He says you here. Meghla turns to him and asks did you get surprised, are you not happy seeing me. He says its nothing like that, you should not come here. She asks him to become her bodyguard. She gets close and says Devsena gave me these clothes, this suits me that’s why, tell me I look beautiful. He asks did you hear someone coming. I have to see, I can’t put princess in danger. He runs. She says I will wait for you here.

Mahisha gets angry and says Devsena is just ours, she will just marry me, I will kill her family. He sees Silamban going and recalls Siyala’s words. He says Rani Siyala wants Silamban, you will get him, but I will first get what I want, I m not anyone’s Daas, I m powerful and will rule over everyone, even on Siyala.

Swami sees Jaldev and asks did you forget your promise of making me meet princess. Jaldev says I remember Swami. Swami says call me friend, see I got beautiful flowers for princess. Jaldev says princess is in my room, she asked me to call you, she is waiting. Devsena sees Mahisha going and says fire, its that person is in real avatar. Mahisha goes. Devsena sees Jaldev going and says he is trying to fool me. Mahisha hides and smiles. He goes for Silamban.

Swami comes. Meghla says you have come, shut the door and come to me, massage my back. Swami gets shocked and thinks Shivgam said she knows me. He goes to her and massages her back. Meghna does not see Swami. She asks him to say something about him. Swami smiles and says what shall I say. She gets shocked seeing him and screams. He runs out. She asks guards to catch him, who was he. She gets angry and says I think I won’t get Shivgam easily.

Silamban gets shocked seeing fire avatar Mahisha. He asks who are you, show me your identity, stop there, I m the king. Mahisha stops him by fire. Jaldev says the burnt curtains are a sign that person is here, I have to make him my friend. Devsena sees him and recalls Hahumaa’s words. She takes an arrow and dips it in poison. Silamban coughs by the smoke and falls down. Mahisha says what will you do knowing my identity, I will take you. Mahisha kidnaps Silamban and runs from the window. Guards run after him. Devsena aims the arrow at Jaldev. She recalls their Dhuwand and thinks what’s happening to me, why are my hands shaking. She shoots the arrow. Jaldev gets hit and falls down. Devsena hears a sound. Guards inform her that someone kidnapped Silamban and ran away, it was someone like fire. She says Shivgam is here, who has kidnapped Silamban. Padmavija asks how is this kidnapping possible, how can anyone take Silamban. The lady says that man had fire in his body. Padmavija says Siyala has sent fire magician in this palace, find him. Devsena holds Jaldev and says how could I kill any innocent man, I will save you Shivgam. She takes him on a horse.


Aarambh 6th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahisha says I think you are finding me. Devsena hugs him and says I need your help, I want to find my dad, I was told that some fire avatar man has kidnapped my dad . Siyala gets Silamban. Padmavija laughs and says Mahisha is so powerful.

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