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Aarambh 6th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarambh 6th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devsena talking to Vaid about Jaldev. She says he is alive even after getting that dangerous poison, he is innocent, you have to save him. Vaid says we have to stop his blood flow to stop poison from spreading, we need much ice, his life can go till we arrange ice. Devsena worries. She asks all of them to leave from here. Vaid and everyone leave. Devsena thinks to do something to save Shivgam’s life. Devsena thinks of Hahumaa’s words, that Devsena’s power is water, she can make water boil or turn ice by the strength of her heart. She sees Jaldev lying in the pool. She enters the pool and makes the water turn into ice.

She gets flashes of past and removes the poison arrow from his body. She gets his blood on her hand. Aryas see a monument shaking. They ask Indramitra what’s this abshagun. Jaldev gets conscious and sees Devsena. Aryas worry. Indramitra holds the monument and stabilizes it. Jaldev’s dad asks what’s the reason of this. Indramitra says its a sign of a big danger coming, nothing can happen to our place till I m here, I want to be alone, you all go.

Jaldev wakes up in morning. Daasi says Devsena saved your life. Devsena comes and sends Daasi. Jaldev thinks what’s this fate’s game, the one I came to kill saved my life. Devsena does the aid. He asks why did you save my life, you doubted on me and shot me. She says yes, I had doubt that you came to kill me and my family, then I got to know someone else is my enemy. He says strange, I heard queen and princess just know to take life. She says people think wrong, queen and princess can’t kill Praja, you are also my Praja, I m my Praja’s protector. He thinks how can I kill one who saved my life, but what about my aim. She asks him to close eyes and rest now, the lep will be relief. He stops her holding her hand. She holds the knife and leaves it. She asks what are you doing, don’t forget I m this Rajya’s princess.

He says there is one meaning to stop you, your hand also has wound, you said your arrow’s wound don’t heal soon. He applies lep to her hand and says everyone needs the medicine. Indramitra prays and sees Jaldev and Devsena’s moment. He says what’s Jaldev doing, I made him capable to ruin enemy, but he is attracted to Devsena, Hahumaa cursed Aryas, that a dravid girl will ruin entire Arya clan, but I will never let this happen.

Aryas get ready for the battle. Indramitra says we will attack Dravid Rajya after 40 days. Padmavija meets Guru ji and asks what shall I do, Devsena is becoming powerful, how to kill her. He says that time did not come yet, still 40 days are left for war, Aryas are preparing to attack on your Rajya. She asks what are you doing. He says use the tantra vidya I taught you, ruin all hurdles. She asks what shall I do. He asks her to go and do the planning. She says sorry, will Aryas really attack. Guru ji says yes.

Mahisha gets Silamban to Siyala. She gets glad and says my Silamban came to me forever, Mahisha your work got completed, you don’t need to go to Sambhavija’s Rajya again, I appoint you as minister of my Rajya. Mahisha gets the sword. He recalls Guru telling him about getting born in unique Nakshatra, he can become any ruler, even nature will help him, but he has to kill Devsena for this, as she is also born in same Nakshatra. Mahisha says I used Siyala a medium to reach Devsena. He thinks I will marry Devsena, its fun to dominate her.

Meghla comes to Devsena and asks about risking her life to save Shivgam’s life. Devsena says he is innocent, so it was my duty. Meghla says even I m innocent, forgive me. Devsena forgives her and asks her to go. Meghla goes. Devsena thinks who is the culprit, where is that Agni avatar man, how to find him. Padmavija thinks Devsena can become queen anytime, how to remove her from my way. Jaldev thinks I have to help that Agni avatar man, I have to find him. Devsena says everyone was present except Mahisha, is he that man, I have to know Mahisha’s truth. Jaldev thinks of picking the red hot ring and says I felt the ring was hot, is Mahisha that agni avatar man. Swami starts acting mad. Guards beat him.

Devsena looks for Mahisha. He comes and says I think you are finding me. She says yes, everyone does not know about you, Silamban got kidnapped and you did not come out, where were you, tell me. He says I was…… Jaldev comes and says Mahisha, when did you come back, how is your mum’s health, you went to your village. Mahisha gets surprised. Devsena asks why did you not tell anyone. Jaldev says he told this to me, I wanted to give a letter for my dad but Mahisha left soon, then Silamban’s kidnapping news came. Devsena asks why did you return soon. Mahisha says I got the kidnapping news and came back, how could I leave you alone in such time, nothing is imp to me than you. Devsena hugs him and says I want your help, I have to save my dad, I was told some agni avatar man kidnapped my dad. Mahisha smiles and thinks you are innocent to trust me, I m that Agni power man. Mahisha says my life is for you, I will help you any way, I can’t see you worried.

Daasi comes and says queen called Devsena. Devsena goes. Mahisha holds Jaldev’s neck and asks what do you want from me. Jaldev says I want to help you. Mahisha says you lied. Jaldev says our enemy is one, Devsena, I know you kidnapped Silamban, but don’t worry, your secret will be safe with me. Mahisha asks how do you know about me. Jaldev says its said to keep enemy’s enemy info, I got much money for this work, I want to kill Devsena, I can help you, you can test me. Jaldev recalls Acharya’s words and says I got friendly with my enemy’s enemy. Mahisha says I will test you when time comes. Jaldev agrees.

Devsena comes to Hahumaa and recalls taking Mahisha’s hair. She keeps the hair and asks her to say if her doubt about Mahisha is right. Hahumaa comes and says your doubt is right, he has burnt your throne and palace, he has come to ruin your family, you have to kill him soon, else you will lose your everything. Devsena recalls Mahisha and says bless me, I will end that Mahisha. She goes to Padmavija and asks why are you so angry, I promise I will get dad back. Padmavija says I see all dangers around, Silamban got kidnapped, our enemies are preparing to attack on us. Devsena asks what, they can’t be alive on our land till I m here, its time to do my biggest duty of this Rajya’s protection. Padmavija says I know, just you are deserving to sit on my throne, Aryas will need time to come here.

Devsena says fine, I will find Silamban and get him back, I got to know who has burnt our throne and palace. Padmavija asks who is he, tell me. Devsena says my would be husband. Padmavija says Mahisha. Devsena says Mahisha is with Siyala. Padmavija thinks Mahisha is so powerful to kidnap Silamban. She says I called you here to tell this, Rani Siyala has caught Silamban, fight with her army and get Silamban back. Devsena says sure, I will attack her army and ruin them, Mahisha does not know I know his truth, Mahisha will be with me, I will kill him on the way and get dad. Padmavija thinks what will I do if you kill him. She asks her to get Siyala and blesses her. Devsena thanks her.

Padmavija talks to Sambhavija, and says Devsena wants to kill Mahisha, I love him, she does not know my next plan, I m just planning, Devsena’s betterment is in her death, I will kill her and Silamban, and make Mahisha mine, I will become more powerful. Devsena rehearses fighting. All the soldiers fall down. Devsena asks is there no one that knows fighting, one who can’t face me, how can they fight with Arya soldier, can just Mahisha support me in war. Jaldev come and says I m ready to support you. Devsena thinks Shivgam is supporting Mahisha, why, is he with him, is he also his enemy, or did Mahisha trap him. Jaldev asks Devsena to test his capabilities. She says stop, I can’t fight with you. Jaldev asks why. She says because you are injured.

Jaldev smiles and says my wound got healed, look. Devsena fights with Jaldev. She says you are good warrior Shivgam, but you could not save yourself from my attack. He says I did not know you will attack on me. She says Aryas will attack from back, they are cowards. He says but even you shot arrow from back. She says you are my soldier and comparing me with Aryas. He says everyone is equal in fight, just win and failure matters, it does not matter how it happens. Mahisha looks on. Devsena says you are ready to fight against Aryas with me.

Devsena asks him to aim, and shows the enemy. Jaldev aims and shoots the arrow. Indramitra sees Jaldev shooting the arrow. He says so you will attack on our clan and fight from their side, fine. Jaldev changes direction and shoots arrow at any statue. Devsena asks what did you do. He says aim is aim till aim does not get missed. Devsena says Mahisha and Shivgam will come with me to get my dad back.

Padmavija does Devsena’s aarti and asks why are you taking Shivgam and Mahisha along. Devsena says I chose them, they will help me. Mahisha says I will always support you in all your problems. Shivgam says I won’t let dangers reach you. Devsena tells her plan to go by jungle way. Meghla asks Shivgam to win and return. Devsena leaves. Padmavija says Devsena is going to save her dad, she does not know death won’t leave her.


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