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Agnifera 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Agnifera 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Revathi challenges Shristi that she will get Vishu remarried. Shristi warns if she dare tries, she will file case against her and make her repent. Revathi says she will do whatever she wants to and Shristi and her law will just watch drama.

Shekhar hires goon to kill Vishu and asks to kill Vishu slowly as Shristi has not divorced Vishu, so if Vishu dies, people will doubt him. He tells he wants Vishu’s death as accident, Vishu and his brother are into construction business and goon can do something there and nobody should doubt him. Goon leaves. Shekhar praises himself that he is too good.

Surekha returns home. Sumer asks where did she go. Surekha says she had gone to Shristi’s sasural and she has changed. Purshotam says good even she saw Shristi’s changed form. Surekha says they are responsible for her change and she is worried fr Shristi.

Ragini packs kheer for Anurag and thinks how to go. Anurag calls Vidhvan and says he forgot file and asks to bring it. Ragini hearsand thinks of accompanying him to go and convince Anurag. She tells Vidhvan that she prepared kheer for Vishu and wants to give it to him personally. Vidhvan agrees and takes her along. Vishu at office tells Anrurag that 2 cement bags are missing. Anruag says he told labors to take cement bags. Vishu says he will note it down then. Anurag thinks his brother is so dedicated even after his personal problems. Ragini enters calling Vishu and says she brought him kheer. Anurag thinks why did this problem came here. Vidhvan comes behind. Vishu gets happy seeing kheer. Ragini asks if he hired more labors as there is a crowd outside. Vishu says it is next site’s labors. Ragini says he should be careful as labors can steal. Vidhvan says Anurag he should be careful. Vishu takes Vidhvan to show site. Ragini sits and turns fan towards her. Anurag yells it is for boss. Ragini says she is born boss and is habituated to luxuries. She plays radio and Jabse Hui hai Shaadi aansoon baha raha hoon….song..plays in the background. Anrug imagines serving Ragihi as a servant and singing song. He cries. Ragini asks what happened to him. He says even superman cannot stay with her and leaves.

Shekhar calls Shristi and asks her to return. She says she cannot return before poving her innocent and asks him to understand her situation as a friend. Shekhar asks her to attend office at least. She says she will after situation normalizes. Shekhar fumes and calls goon next and asks about his progress. Gons says he will get a news tonight.

Chauhan’s wife comes to Revathi with gifts again. Revathi promises Shanti’s wedding with Vishu. Shristi enters and says she is Vishu’s wife and they dare think of Vishu’s second marriage, they will go to jail. Revathi warns her to shut her mouth. Shristi argues with her. Vishu enters and warns Shristi to dare not misbehave with his mother.


Agnifera 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vishu pulls gun from Narad’s pocketand pointing at Shristi warns to agree, else. Everyone shout to stop. He shoots. Shristi makes weird face.

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Agnifera Details

Agniphera is an Indian television series that airs every Monday to Friday at 08:00 pm on &TV It is produced and directed by well-known Director Ravi Raj (R&R Creations). Agniphera is the story of two brides and one groom.The groom is played by Ankit Gera whose character has graduated from London and the brides are played by Yukti Kapoor and Simiran Kaur. Ragini Singh (Yukti Kapoor) is loud mouthed and bold while the other bride Shrishti is studying law..In Pakistan it airs on Express Entertainment with the title “Mujh se shaadi kro gay”.


Rehaan Roy
Shakti Singh
Simrann Kaur
Yukti Kapoor
Ankit Gera
Ayaz Ahmed
Mohak Khurana

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min