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Agnifera 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Agnifera 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Daadi does pooja in the morning. Chutki bahu touches her feet and says today is Vishu’s birthday. Daadi says she knew she would remember it. Shristi hears that and says Vishu did not inform her, may be he does not know. Vishu comes and she says it is his birthday today. Vishu jumps in happiness and says he will distribute laddoos in village. Vidhvan and Brij enter and say they will distribute laddoos in village and Vishu can call all his kid friends. Vishu says he is grown up now. Sristi says there is nothing wrong in playing with children. Ragini with Anurag comes down and wishes happy birthday to Vishu and says there should be a party. Anurag says it is not launda naach/boy dance party like hers, they will cut cake in the evening. Ragini says they will celebrate as he says.

Anurag says he will bring lots of gifts for Vishu and Ragini will prepare cake. Ragini says she will, but thinks she does not even know to prepare rotis. Revati orders Shristi to decorate house. Chutki says Shristi has exam tomorrow, how will she work. Revati says it is up to her if she want Vishu’s happiness or not.

Ragini goes aside and calls Narad and asks to get someone who makes cake, she will prepare hearing instructions, asks to even get cake and if she does not prepare cake, she will keep that one silently as she does not want Vishu birthday party to spoil. Anurag hears that and asks if she started preparing cake. She says yes and asks if he is going to Patna tomorrow. He says if she prepares good cake, he will take her along to Patna. She gets very happy. He thinks even if she prepares good cake, he will trouble her so much that she will back off.

Vishu plays with children while Brij enjoys lime juice. Revati scolds Brij that he is sitting here enjoying juice instead of thinking how to stop Shristi from writing exam. Brij asks to leave it to him, they will steal hall ticket, then Shristi will not get entry into exam hall.

Narad brings cake maker and calls Ragini. Ragini starts preparing cake. Cake maker asks which flavor she likes. She says choc after a bit of drama. He asks to note down ingredients. Dulari comes and asks if she needs help. Ragini asks her to bring paper and pen. She brings and continues her drama. Ragini sends her away and notes down ingredients.

Revati calls Dulari and asks her to steal Shriti’s exam hall ticket. Vidhvan brings decorative items and asks Revati to give it to Shristi. Dulari takes it and goes to Shristi’s room. Shristi is busy keeping her exam items in a bag and shows her hall ticket. Dulari thinks once Shristi goes out, she will steal it. Vishu and Divya helps inflating balloon and Shristi studies.

Ragini starts mixing cake ingredients when Anurg enters and asks if he can help. She says no. Cake maker says if he can go. She says no. Anurag asks what she needs. She says water. Cake maker says choc syrup, cream. She says choc cream. He asks to be sure. Drama continues. Anurag thinks she will not prepare cake and walks out. Cake maker tells Ragini if she wants, he will send cake from his shop.

In the evening, Shrisit, Vishu and Divya decorate house. Dulari praises Shristi. Reati gets and asks her to go and check if cake is ready. Ragini comes down and says she and cake are both ready, she put a lot of effort in preparing cake. Diya says let us bring cake and they both leave. Revati signals Dulari repeatedly. Dulari says she will bring some decorative items from Vishu’s room. Shristi says she will come along. Revati stops her. Anurag speaks over phone and explains address. Revati asks if guest is coming. He says he ordered cake as he does not trust Ragini. Shristi says if he does not trust her, why did he ask her to prepare cake, she will get hurt. Ragini brings cake. Vishu says it is very pretty cake. Dulari says it will be tasty also. Narad calls her and she disconnects call. Dulari continues searching Sristi’s hall ticket. Shristi says she will get her mobile from her room and walks towards room. Chutki enters and asks what is she doing here.

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