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Agnifera 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Agnifera 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Revathi tells Dulari that she forgot that she lost phone a week ago, she will call from Brij’s phone. Shristi is surprised to hear that and thinks who called her from Revathi’s phone then. Courier comes for Anurag. Brij receives it and gives it to Anurag. Ragini asks who can send him gift. Goon calls Shristi and tells that parcel is danger and can kill whoever opens it. She runs and snatches gift fro Anurag and falls on it. Revathi asks what the hell is this. Anruag picks Shristi and asks if she is fine. She says yes, she got a call that.. They see a toy and a note. Which reads that it was a trailer and he is safe, have a nice day. Ragini checks and says what kind of joke is this, who is behind this. Brij says must be same goons. Shristi says she got a call from private number that there can be bomb in gift. Vish thinks he should not have got angry on Shristi. Ragini thinks this must be Shristi’s drama to lure Anurag.

Goon over pone informs Shekhar. Shekhar laughs and praises goon and asks to continue troubling Vidhvan’s family until he kills Vishu and make them realizes how it is to snatch his Shristi.

Anurag tells family that someone is playing dirty game. Brij says someone wants to frighten them to ask ransom money. Anurag says he is right. Dulari thinks there must be some clue in toy and plays it. Revathi scolds to stop it. Dulari says she cannot. Anurag says they whould file police complaint. Ragini tells Anurag it is Bihar and even friends can be enemies and can attack. Shristi thinks why Ragini does not want police complaint, if she is doing all this to get Shekhar trapped. She tells they should inform police first as phone came on her number and goons knows their family well. Ragini says no, let her handle it in her way. Anurag yells not to interfere and let him handle it and tells Shristi that he file police complaint, says he will go to work withVishu now. Daadi says she will not let Vishu go out seeing all this. Anurag tells Vishu he should be at home for 2-3 days till issue resolves. Vishu walks to his room. Ragini tells daadi that her father had called and she is going to meet him. Daadi asks to bring pooja items while returning. Shristi thinks Revathi’s phone got lost, then she was defamed with Shekhar, then these attacks, she is sure Ragini is behind all this, so she should find Revathi’s mobile in Dulari’s mobile.

Ragini meets Narad who shows Shekhar’s childhood pics and says Shekhar was in juvenile jail for killing his teacher when teacher punished him. Ragini says how can someone kill teacher for silly issue and asks how to find out his more details. Narad says they will meet officer who had arrested Shekhar.

Ragini walks into her room applying medicine on her wound and medicine tube falls down. Vishu picks it and thinks he should not have been too harsh to Ragini. Dulari comes and taunts Shristi if Shekhar is busy that she is back to Vishu now. Shristi shouts to be in her limits. Vishu gets angry and asks Shristi to get out of his life. Dulari consoles him and takes him away.

Revathi will Brij goes to Purshotam’s office and taunts that seems undeterred even after seeing his daughter’s heinous act. Purshotam asks if they came here for some work. Revathi asks him to get Vishu and Shristi’s divorce and gives her reasoning. Purshotam agrees. Drama continues.


Agnifera 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shristi searches Ragini’s room to find Revathi’s mobile. Shekhar orders his goon to bomb blast Vidhvan’s house. Ragini meets officer and says Shekhar’s crimes are continuing. Officer says yes. She asks to give Shekhar’s home address.

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Agnifera Details

Agniphera is an Indian television series that airs every Monday to Friday at 08:00 pm on &TV It is produced and directed by well-known Director Ravi Raj (R&R Creations). Agniphera is the story of two brides and one groom.The groom is played by Ankit Gera whose character has graduated from London and the brides are played by Yukti Kapoor and Simiran Kaur. Ragini Singh (Yukti Kapoor) is loud mouthed and bold while the other bride Shrishti is studying law..In Pakistan it airs on Express Entertainment with the title “Mujh se shaadi kro gay”.


Rehaan Roy
Shakti Singh
Simrann Kaur
Yukti Kapoor
Ankit Gera
Ayaz Ahmed
Mohak Khurana

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min