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Agnifera 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Agnifera 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Agnifera 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Anurag and Shiristi’s engagement ceremony continues. Revati stars finding fault in everything to stop engagement. Purshotam says let Anurag and Shristi talk with each other. Revati asks her daughter to accompany them. Daughter asks if she did not watch films, they let girl and boy speak to each other alone. Anurag and Shristi out and starts chatting. Revati comments and Surekha counter comments. Anurag and Shristi hear their conversation and get tensed. Revati continues throwing tantrums and Vikranth joins her. Argument ensues and Revati is about to break engagement when Vidhvan handles situation and finishes engagement. He invites Purshotam and his family next Monday to his home and leaves with family.

Vishu ties a knot and thinks his aunt taught him to tie knot if he gets afraid, he is getting afraid seeing fire repeatedly, how to stop his fear. His aunt joins him and cheers him up. They play ludo next.

Vidhvan reaches home and scolds his wife. She confronts him that he let Surekha insult her and did not tell anything. He says she insulted him instead. She says he can do whatever he wants and angrily walks in. Surekha fumes at her home and Purshotam tells that after marriage, Anurag and Shristi will stay in US, so there is no question of Revati troubling Shristi, so she should relax. Surekha gets happy.

Anurag at night reminisces Revati and Surekha’s fight and thinks Shristi’s family is not a fault, what if he does not marry Shristi. He thinks of calling her. Shristi also thinks about him. Ragini also thinks about Anuraag and thinks of sending him a good night message. Anurag calls Shristi, but she does not pick call nervously. She then calls back. Anurag picks call excitedly. Shristi says it is more necessary for them to meet tomorrow. He agrees. He next Ragini’s good night message and replies, but then gets tensed whom did he reply. Ragini gets very happy seeing message and jumps.


Agnifera 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ragini introduces herself to Anurag and says her amma told not to meet him before marriage, but met. She is a bit bold and he will be very happy having her as life partner. Anurag looks confused. Shristi comes there.


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