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Agnifera 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Agnifera 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Purshotam drop water on himself and says Vidhvan and Revathi that he sacrificed his daughter today and he does not have any daughter from today. Shristi says papa.. Purshotam says spoilt his dignity. He then apologizes Vidhvan for ruining his family’s dignity. Vidhvan says it is not his mistake. He then tells Ragini that she alerted him on time, but he could not do anything. He then lashes Shekhar that he gave him good gurudakshina. He wobbles, Shristi and Shekhar hold him. He pushes them and leaves. Revathi continues her tongue lashing. Shekhar shouts he is quiet does not mean he cannot say anything. Revathi scolds even him. Ragini says let us go now. Vidhvan and Revathi walk out. Shristi stops Ragini and alleges that her plan is succeeded in ruining her dignity. Ragini says her father and in-laws are mistaken and even she is mistaken, she can reply her right now but will wait till her misunderstanding clears. She also leaves.

Purshotam reaches home shattered. Surekha asks what happened. He says he sacrificed their daughter today and tells her whole story. Surekha says her daughter cannot do that. Purshotam says he saw it from his eyes. Surekha thinks her daughter is innocent.

Vishu returns home and panics. Revati tries to console him. He runs away. Anurag returns from work and holds him. Revati tells him whole issue. He says Shristi cannot do that. Revati says even Vidhvan was present there. Vidhvan nods yes and goes to his room.

Anurag goes to his room and thinks how can Shristi betray Vishu. Ragini enters and tells she cannot see Vishu’s condition and tells him that Shekhar had planned to ruin Shristi’s dignity and tells him whole story. Anurag as usual blames Ragini for all this, yells at her as usual and leaves. Ragini determines to prove Shristi innocent and expose Shekhar.


Agnifera 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shekhar’s friend asks him to involve in his plan to romance Shristi. Shekhar slaps him. Shristi sees that. Shristi tries to console Vishu, but he pushes her. Anurag blames Ragini for his family’s condition.


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