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Agnifera 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Agnifera 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ragini tells Shristi that she can understand her pain. Shristi says she did not lose anything in life, so she will does not understand her pain, but now she will lose a lot. She throws Ragini’s sindhoor and throws sindhoor box. Ragini picks it and asks if she has gone mad. Shristi says she is worried about her sindhoor, she stole it from her. Ragini says she is going through wrong phase, that does not mean she will speak wrong. Shristi says she snatched her husband and snatched even her dignity, why did she bring papa. Ragini says she is thinking wrong, she brought her papa because. Shristi shouts enough, she is insecure that Anurag is still interested in her, so she plotted plans against her. Ragini says Shekhar plotted against her. Shristi shouts to shut up and says she snatched Anurag, then made Vishu against her, her family against her, her sasural against her, now she wants to snatch Shekhar, who gave her that right. She challenges Ragini that she will snatch all her relationships, she will snatch Aurag first. Ragini warns to stop crossing her limits. Shristi challenges that she crossed all her limits and came here, now it is Ragini’s turn to lose.

Dulari prepares halwi and tells Ragini that she prepared tasty halwa in her sasural and her sasur gave her 100 rs gift, let her see how much gift phuphaji will give. Shristi comes and starts preparing her breakfast. Revati comes ands shouts she cannot come to her kitchen. Shristi ignores her and says she has equal right on this house. Revathi asks to show her right in court and not here. Shristi says she came to prepare food, will have food and only then will go. Revath says she learnt misbehaving. Dulari takes Revathi from there. Ragini tells she is using wrong way to prove herself innocent, she should change it. Shristi says she herself went on same dabang path and now giving her moral gyaan to change it. Ragini leaves saying she is doing wrong.

Vishu sits in his tent sadly when Revathi serves food and yells Shristi is creating havoc here. Ragini convinces Vishu to have breakfast. Anurag asks where is Shristi. Revathi fumes. Shristi comes and tries to take seat, but Vishu pulls chair and warns her to get out. Anurag asks Vishu to behave. Dulari drops Shristi’s plate and apologizes. Anurag scolds her and asks Shristi to take another plate. Shristi says she is full now and leaves. Anurag yells at Revathi that she did wrong and leaves. Revathi continues that Shristi is shattering their family.

Sumer sits next to Purshotam and while Purshotam is asleep. Surekha comes and asks Sumer to go and check Shristi as she is worried about her. Sumer says she should be worried about papa instead, whole court is talking bad about Shristi and laughing on them, papa got low BP and he brought papa home, even then she is worried about Shristi, he cannot obey her and leaves.

Shristi cries in her room reminisces recent incidents. Anurag brings her food and consoles her. Ragini also brings good, sees that and thinks Shristi started executing her plan. She thinks wrong happened to Shristi and she is trying to get her justice, but she is doing wrong trying to break Anruag and her relationship and will lose a lot because of that.


Agnifera 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anurag yells at Ragini if she has finished food, the she should go and sleep. Ragini asks to be specific. Anurag yells to stop her dual policy. Shristi tries to light lamp in temple in the morning. Revathi stops her and she pushes Revathi. Dulari confronts and Shristi twists her hand. Surekha enters and sees that.

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Agniphera is an Indian television series that airs every Monday to Friday at 08:00 pm on &TV It is produced and directed by well-known Director Ravi Raj (R&R Creations). Agniphera is the story of two brides and one groom.The groom is played by Ankit Gera whose character has graduated from London and the brides are played by Yukti Kapoor and Simiran Kaur. Ragini Singh (Yukti Kapoor) is loud mouthed and bold while the other bride Shrishti is studying law..In Pakistan it airs on Express Entertainment with the title “Mujh se shaadi kro gay”.


Rehaan Roy
Shakti Singh
Simrann Kaur
Yukti Kapoor
Ankit Gera
Ayaz Ahmed
Mohak Khurana

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min