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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Prem gets romantic with Tejaswini and says even god wants Tejaswini to say 3 golden words. Tejaswini leaves. Preeti watches it and gets jealous. Tejaswini gets a call from a goon that her mother took loan from him and if she does not come there and return his money in 1 hour, he will throw her family out. Tejaswini thinks who this man was and rushes home. Goon throws Sudha, mamaji and whole family out with their belongings and throws Tejaaswini’s pappa’s photo away. Tejaswini holds it. He then pushes Sharda.

Tejaswini holds it and warns how dare he is to push her mom Goon says her mom took loan from him and with interest it is 10 lakhs, he should return money or get out of this house. Tejaswini says he does not have right to throw them out of their house. Goon shows papers and says it is written if he does not get his money, he can occupy house. Tejaswini kneels down and pleads him to give her 1 month’s time, she will repay his loan. Sharda thinks how will she arrange such a huge amount.

Prem searches Tejaswini and asks everyone in college if they saw Tejaswini. They say no. He asks Preeti if she saw Tejaswini. She jealously says no and leaves. In the evening, Prem sees Tejaswini sitting on chair and asks where she was. He takes her to a well decorated room and asks if she liked it. She nods yes. He asks her to tell those 3 golden words and holds her closely. Haan hasi bangaye, haa name in the background. She is about to say I love…when she hears watchman locking door from outside and informs Prem. Prem says she is just making excuse to escape. She says she really heard it.

Prem tries to open door and sees it locked. He calls watchman, but watchman is busy listening to music. Prem asks Tejaswini to call Arjun or Preeti and ask to open door as his phone battery is out. Tejaswini tries Preeti’s number and even her battery drains out. Prem gets romantic again and asks her to tell those golden words now. She says I love you. He says he will keep her happy whole life. They lean on floor and fall asleep. Tu jo hai ki…song..plays in the background. In the morning, students open door and see Tejaswini and Prem sleeping on floor hugging each other. Tejaswini wakes up and gets tensed. Prem also gets up. Student comments if Tejaswini had to accept Prem’s love, then why did she did a drama. Prem warns her to shut her dirty mouth and dare not to speak against Tejaswini, he will not spare her. Drama continues.


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