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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mehak promises Sonal that she and Shaurya will bring Mohit back. Sonal gives letter and asks to give it to Mohit. Shaurya asks her to hug Mohit when he returns. At Dharam’s house, family decorates house for janmastami function. Prem anxiously tells family that he and Tejaswini. Dharam and Anand asks if they fought again, not to worry, it is their usual problem and will be solved. Prem says they love each other and knows he has to spend rest of his life with Tejaswini. Dharam happily says he is proud of him. Prem says let us go to janmastami event at mela. Shaurya and Mehak reachevent and think where to find Mohit in such a big mela. Dharam with family reaches event with family. Prem greets them. Dharam says if he had toled he arranged such a big event. Tejaswini comes and touches their feet. Sarla says she is happy to hear they love each other and asks if she is ready to marry her Prem. Tejaswini nods yes. Arjun says he will show them mela.

Mohit becomes sardar to entertain people in mela. Sardar asks if he can entertain people without moustache and beard, he does not look like sardar. Mohit says he can and was bought up between sardars. He shows fake beard and says he will get read in 2 minutes. Sarkar says go ahead then.

Prem walks with brothers to practice dance and stops after he gets severe bachache and falls down. Brothers get worried for him. Prem asks them not to stop him from dance practice as he has to win competition for Tejawini. Mehak sees him and asks if he is in pain. He says yes, but he has to practice dance. Shaurya says he has spine inflammation and has to rest. Prem says this competition is Tejaswini’s dream and he has to win it for her, he loves her so much. Mehak asks Prem’s brothers to bring herbal ingredients and a stove, his pain will vanish in seconds. She prepares herbal concoction while Shaurya gives moral gyan about love to Prem. Mehak brings concoction. Prem says it must be bitter. Mehak says it is a problem with boys. Prem drinks concoction and says it is sweet. Mehak says all concoctions are not bitter. Shaurya intouces themselves and says they have come here to search Mehak’s brother Mohit and they got a tip off that he is in Rajpipla. Prem asks his brothers to find Mohit and Shaurya/Mehak are their guests now.

Mohit is seen serving customers in a restaurant. Sardarji asks him to gather customers soon. Nikita and her partner wearing burqa search Shaurya and Mehak. Preeti gets jealous reminiscing Prem telling everyone that he is marrying Tejaswini and nobody should dare try to insult her. She calls Sharda and asks her to come to Rajpipla soon as she needs to talk something important. Sharda gets tensed. Preeti smirks thinking today is Prem and Tejaswini’s end of love.

Tejaswini practices dance on back stage. Mohit clashes with her and rushes away. She continue dancing. Prem comes and hugs her from behind. O re in the background. Prem holds her hand and asks if she was trying to hide from him and gets romantic. Tejaswini says someone will come. Mehak comes. Prem and Tejaswini part ways. Prem greets her and says his backache has cured and asks her to cure his heart pain and introduces Tejaswin as his heart pain. Mehak says he is holding Tejaswini’s hand so tight and she is not resisting, that means she loves him. Prem says he arranged whole janmastami function for Tejaswini. He continues and leaves to check arrangements. Tejaswini says Mehak that she is seeing here for the first time. Mehak says she is from Delhi and came searching her brother Mohit. She shows Mohit and his wife’s photo. Tejaswini reminisces clashing with Mohit and says she has seen him here. Her dance performance is announced and she runs on stage.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : REST OF THE EPISODE WILL BE POSTED IN ZINDAGI HI MEHAK SERIAL.

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