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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Prem tells Tejaswini that soon they will be one, Prejaswini, after marriage. Tejaswini says she will not marry him. Prem is shocked and asks what did she say. She says for him it is always about him and not us, he has to think about her also. Prem says his love is his life and he cannot live without her at all. She says she cannot marry now and he has to wait or 6 months. He continues convincing, but she does not get convinced.

Dharam’s family selects wedding card and think of guest list. Arjun asks to tell what his work is. Sarla says sure. Arjun says Dharam that he wants to do business. Dharam says his business is for them Arjun says he knows, but he wants to start his own business and wants to open gym. Dharam says it is a good idea and howmuch he needs.

Arjun says 15 lakhs, his friend will add 15 lakhs. Dharam asks him to show his proposal, he will evaluate it and then decide. Prem angrily walks in.

Tejaswini over phone tells his mother that she played her game well. Preeti hears that and thinks what she is talking about. She asks Tejaswini if she does not love Prem and only Prem likes him. Tejaswini says she will not understand. Preeti leaves for college. Prem tells his mother that Tejaswini does not want to marry him now and wants to wait for 6 months. Sarla says it is not easy for a girl and Tejaswini maybe wants to marry after she finishes her exam. Prem thinks he should meet Tejaswini right now.

Prem walks to meet Tejaswini. Dharam stops him and says he is going for a land deal and wants to take him along as he will handle family business in the future. Prem sits in car and SMSes Tejaswini, but she does not reply. Dharam says land owner is asking huge amount, if he should make a deal. Prem says yes. Dharam takes him to venue. Prem gets out and asks him to go in, he will come later. He calls Tejaswini and asks why did not she reply to his calls and messages. Tejaswini is with goons pleading them not to get her family out of their house. They warn to pay 10 lakhs in 2 months. She tells Prem that she cannot marry him and does not disconnect call, continues pleading goons. Prem hears goon telling she is Dharam Singh Rathod’s would be bahu and should take money from her fiance. She says she will not and continues pleading. Prem thinks Tejaswini is in so much trouble and reminisces her telling money means a lot to her. He thinks he had to be his medicine, instead he is troubling her.

Prem sits in garden silently. Ajju comes and asks if he fought with Tejaswini, he can tell what happened. Prem says he needs some money. Ajju says he can ask bade papa. Prem says he cannot and asks him to promise he will not tell it to anyone. Ajju promises. Prem says Tejaswini needs 10 lakhs. Ajju says he can ask bade pappa. Prem says Tejaswini did not discuss about her problem to him, so he cannot ask pappa.

Tejaswini reminisces her mom bringing her up with great difficulty, how she paid fees with difficulty and worked hard. She cries that Dharam ruined her family, now she will ruin Dharam’s family and his wealth and make him suffer.


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dharam warns servants to tell who stole money. Prem asks Sarla what happened. Sarla says his pappa kept 15 lakhs in cupboard and someone stole it. Dharam asks Anand to call police. Tejaswini thinks if Prem stole money from home to pay her loan. Inspector enters and says thief is at his home itself.

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