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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 23rd December 2017 Written Episode Update


Teja fails to show the proof to Dharamsingh and Prem that they were looted and her driver was shot at .When they come ba k home ,Priyal confronts her and demands where is the proof for her innocence.Sarla comes to the defence of a hapless Teja and asks Priyal to keep quiet.As she refuses to oblige saying that Prem doesn’t deserve this Dharamsingh interferes and warns that enough is enough and he doesn’t want to hear anything against Teja.Tejs gets teary thinking that how much he loves her and Prem thinks that his father is supporting her as he has n’t seen those incriminating photos and video.
Meanwhile Rajvir reminisces how he has meticulously planned the entire infamous episode with explicit instructions to his men that everything should look like a robbery to Teja but Prem should feel that Teja has willingly spent the night with Rajvir in the outhouse.
Prem requests his father not to support Teja and makes it clear that though he respects him a lot,he should appreciate his feelings and not force him to reconcile with Teja’s deceit.As Prem heaps insults after insults,Teja looks at him unbelievingly and wonders if he is the same Prem or she is dreaming .
In his house Rajvir with a photo Prem and Teja in his hand laughs Prem’s helplessness and reminisces how he has used Preeti to drug Prem to make him believe which he would never have believed otherwise .He thinks that now he is ready with his next plan to win over Teja’s trust and make Prem more miserable.
As the drama still continues in Dharamsingh ‘s living room,Rajvir makes an entry with some men from Rajpipla and an Inspector .He first asks for forgiveness for intruding on their privacy but explains that since he was the reason for their misunderstandings,he thought it to be his duty to clear them.Later the men inform Dharamsingh and family that they were witness to the loot and the goons shooting at Teja’s driver and hitting Rajvir and Teja on their heads making them unconscious .They give back the files which they say were found in one of the cars.Teja runs and excitedly says that they are the same files she was carrying that day.Rajvir points at three men who he says are the same goons that attacked them.The goons ask for Dharamsingh’s forgiveness and returns Teja’s jewellery. When Anand asks what happened to the injured driver and the blood splattered on the road,the inspector explains that the driver died in the hospital and the police cleaned up the site to protect the most. Influential families of Rajpipla from media glare.
Teja feels very happy that finally Prem’s doubts are cleared and everything is going to be fine between them,but Prem looks unconvinced.He warns her not to act smart as he knows very well at whose behest,Rajvir is here with all the fabricated evidence.With this he leaves the room leaving Teja aghast and humiliated.
In his room ,Prem feeling confused and miserable ,thinks why he is n’t able to control his feelings.He screams in agony as he remembers Teja thanking Ralvir for his generosity .Teja comes inside and tries to cool him down but Prem gets more aggressive and shouts that she has finished everything for him.When Teja cautions that the family is listening and this is their personal matter,Prem again shouts that he doesn’t care even if entire Rajpipla comes to know.He sarcastically adds that his father gave his chair to her thinking she is smart and intelligent but she proved to be such a crook that made him look like a fool.A shocked Teja pleads that by doubting her fidelity ,he is ending all the relations between them ,for that he replies that there is hardly anything left between them and shows her the photos and the pen drive.Teja stares unbelievingly at this most damning proof and goes into the pooja room .With tears ,she beseeches Matarani to help her prove her innocence and a flower falls from the garland.
Teja cools down and thinks who could have taken pains to take photos ,recorded the video in a pen drive and sent it to Prem.
End of episode

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