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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Prem and Teja accompany Dharamsingh to Sharda’s residence to invite them for Navaratra celebrations.Teja’s Mami opens the door but they don’t invite them inside.Dharamsingh takes the initiative,goes inside and starts the conversation by telling Prem to take the blessings of the elders.When Prem touches their feet ,they bless him indifferently ,the same happens to Teja ,when she touches her mother’s feet,she doesn’t even look at her.Dharamsingh says that even if we are not happy with our children ,we ,the elders ,should never deprive them of our blessings and their daughter in particular has gone through so much during and after the wedding that she needs their wholehearted blessings now .

He then asks for the forgiveness of Mamaji ,but Mamaji doesn’t respond and when he invites them to their house for Pooja,Sharda says that she is thankful for his invitation but she can n’t stand in the Pooja along with her husband’s murderer and even if she comes to his house ,what can she expect from the goddess because in case the Goddess ,by mistake fulfills her wishes ,her daughter Teja will never forgive her(she means that she wants to ruin Dharamsingh and his family).

when Tejaswani tries to say something ,Prem advises her not to interfere as her mother is very angry now because in her opinion her husband was a very honest and upright police officer whereas he and his father are criminals and sarcastically adds that he finds nothing wrong with her mother’s thinking because every wife worships her husband as god ,so she is justified in what she is doing ,He tells Teja that it doesn’t matter what her mother thinks about him as long as she loves and respects him.As a worried Dharamsingh looks on ,Prem gets nasty and says that Teja and her mamaji know very well what kind of police officer her father was .He reminds Teja how his father has always been very polite to her family and even now ,when his mother and other family members are very much annoyed with her deception ,,he and his father are standing by her side and politely inviting her family but her family doesn’t have the courtesy to offer them a seat and a glass oy water to drink.

When Dharamsingh tries to intervene but ,Prem continues his tirade against Teja’s mother saying that he had relished her food thinking that she had prepared it with lot of love ,not knowing that she hated him all the while and asked for her blessings completely unaware that she wished for his unhappiness and total ruin of his family.When Dharamsingh asks his to keep quiet ,an angry Prem requests his father not to stop him this time because he knows very well that Teja’s family doesn’t want to keep any relations with them,in the same tone he tells Teja that from now on,there won’t be any relations between the two families and he wishes that she should n’t step into her mother’s house in future.Prem Tafes his leave from Teja’s family saying that that he doesn’t want to ask for their blessings again as he knows that they won’t bless him.When Dharamsingh tries to stop him saying that he has n’t done right,Prem sternly tells his father that he doesn’t want to keep relations with any person who doesn’t respect his father .Before leaving ,he asks Teja to follow him,otherwise she can stay with her family permanantly.

A stunned Teja follows Prem outside ,stops him and asks him why he is doing all this,he is angry with her and so should punish her only,Why he is targeting her family.Prem reminds her that not only he but his entire family is bearing the consequences of her misdeeds and asks her why her family should be spared.He taunts her saying that due to her sins ,even her own mother has deserted her and if she behaves and stops staring at him like that ,then only she can be happy with him.Seeing his father coming out ,he changes his colors and starts talking like a caring husband telling Teja not to feel bad as she is n’t responsible for her mother’s behaviour,as elders they should have stopped her when she was doing wrong but now when she has realised her mistake ,her family is annoyed with her,Dharamsingh says that Prem is right and all the three leave Sharda’s house.

The next scene shows Arjun with the laptop preparing for the exams,Preeti rings up to remind him that he has forgotten his friend .He says that he is busy preparing history notes and Preeti says that as a friend she can help him that much and already prepared the notes for him and will be mailing to him .After Arjun hangs up thanking her,she smiles slyly thinking that the moment Arjun falls in love………..

After returning home ,Teja feels sad that because of her ,not only her father figure ,Mamaji but her mother had to bear Prem’s insults and she couldn’t do anything.She goes to Devima’s idol and reminces about the Tejaswani whose eyes would stop blinking at the sight of something wrong and feels sad that now she is n’t even able to look straight as her eyes are ashamed of her sins.With folded hands she asks the goddess to give her strength to unite scattered family relations again.

In the kitchen both Priyal and Sunaina start taunting Teja as Sarla looks on .They ask her how her husband was insulted in front of her and what she was doing.They say that it her family trait to be united in everything … it deception or insulting their daughter’s father in law.They go to the extent of saying that everyone would have been happy had the poison worked and Teja died.Teja remembers Prem saying how her mother and chachis get united everything ,be it showering love or hatred.When Teja asks for their permission to prepare something ,they tell her to get out of the kitchen as they don’t want to touch anything prepared by her.Prem notices but does n’t interfere and even smiles at what is going on .

Mamaji ‘s senior officer calls him and congratulates him that he is now related to Dharamsingh and tells him that Mandirs Rathore ,who is Dharamsingh ‘s cousin sister will be visiting Dharamsingh ‘s residence and she has a criminal record.He asks Mamali to keep an eye on both of them as this is the best time to catch them if they have planned something together.Mamaji tries to object but he doesn’t listen.

Prem comes to their bedroom and says how dare she is that she has avoided his chachis in the kitchen.Teja says that she hasn’t responded as she knows that they are angry.But Prem is in no mood to listen and warns her that whatever she does with his family ,he will give in the same coin to her family.

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