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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pihu tries to walk into house via window with great difficulty yelling since Mandira went to jail, she is in trouble. Tejaswini walks down to drink water and stops seeing window open. Preeti hides and hopes Tejaswini does not notice her. Tejaswini while returning notices table fallen and keeps it back thinking it fell due to air. She then sees store room door and walks in. Preeti locks door from outside and grins that Tejaswini has to spend night in dark store room. Tejaswini knocks door and thinks of calling Prem, but realizes she forgot mobile. Prem wakes up not sensing her next to him and walks down. Tejaswini sees old family album and gets happy seeing Prem’s childhood pics. She then finds a file and gets tensed reading it, thinks Prem should not see it. Prem walks in and asks what is she doing here. Tejaswini nervously hides file behind her back and says she went to bring water and walked in here. He asks if Preeti did something, he will finish her in a day. She says she did not and walks out with him hiding file.

Preeti notices Prem rescuing Tejaswini and complains god why is he not helping her. She sees Tejaswini hiding file behind from Prem and thinks she has to get it. Prem takes Tejaswini to room. Tejaswini says she forgot to bring water. Prem stops her and says he will get it. Preeti hears their conversation standing near door. Prem opens door but does not notice her. She hides. He walks away looking at Tejaswini. Tejaswini anxiously hides file in cupboard. Preeti notices hiding and thinks this is the file which will harm Dharam and his family, she should get it and inform Mandira.

Preeti walks to her room and seeing Arjun snoring yells at him. She calls Mandira and their drama starts. Prem returns with water and feels sad for the recent events. Preeti informs Mandira that Tejaswini was hiding a file from Prem and it may harm Dharam’s family.

Prem tells Tejaswini that whole family is happy on Tejaswini, so they should take their relationship forward. He says 1+1=2, A for apple, etc.. Tejaswini engrasped in thoughts asks what is he telling. He asks if she is thinking of someone else, he will shoot him in her mind itself. She romantically looks at him reminiscing their romatic meetings. Sanam teri kasam….song…plays in the background. Prem tries to kiss her, but she reminisces store room file and says it is late night, let us sleep. He asks if they really should sleep. She says yes and sleeps. Prem tells Tejaswini that he will not come near her without her wish, he loves her. She replies I love you too and thinks if file truth comes in enemy’s hand, her family will be in danger.

Mandira warns Preeti if work is not done on time, she will cut her feathers and will make her fal in jail. Preeti asks if threatening is her birth right and thinks what is in that file, she needs to know.

Dharam enjoys breakfast with family and says he is so happy seeing whole family together. Preeti looks at Tejaswini and thinks what will happen if file truth comes out. She acts as coughing and says she is not feeling well and will have breakfast later. Arjun says he will accompany her. Preeti thinks this chipku will not leave her alone, says she will go alone, he can enjoy family breakfast. Prem asks Arjun to sit. Preeti leaves smirking. Tejaswini thinks Preeti is up to something.


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Preeti asks Tejaswini if she did not show file to Prem. Prem asks which file. She gives him file excitedly. Prem angrily looks at Tejaswini.

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