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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Mandira entering Dharamsingh ‘s haveli to participate in the Navaratra celebrations .Seeing her there after so many years ,everyone gets tensed.Arjun’s father asks Anand who has invited her here,,,,,,Anand replies that she has come on her own to meet mota bhai.The guests whisper that Mandira is the cousin sister of Dharamsingh and is considered the queen of that area.Mandira walks to Dharamsingh and asks him how he is ,He says he is fine and invites her inside.

As she proceeds to worship Ambe MA ,Dharamsingh thinks that atlast after so many years ,his sister is here to meet his family.After saying ‘Ambe ma ki Jai’,Mandira goes first to Dharamsingh and comments that she can see wrinkles on his face but his mansion has not lost its old glory.Prem stands on the stairs but doesn’t come down.Next she goes to Sarla and hugs her affectionately.One by one Deep ,Anand and their wives pay their respects to her and she recognises everyone and tells Dharamsingh that even after so much time gap .she remembers his family very well and reminds him that age is limited only to physical body but not to memories.

When she wants to meet the children of Rathore family ,Dharamsingh introduces Arjun ,Ajju and vinay one by one.They touch her feet and take her blessings,she in turn give them monetary gift.When she asks about his own son ,Dharamsingh calls Prem and introduces him to his sister,After blessing him,she tells Prem that she wanted to attend his marriage but his father has n’t invited her .She asks him to go and bring his wife as she would like to see her.

As Prem opens their door ,he sees Teja getting dressed for the function and seeing her so beautiful ,for a few minutes he forgets everything and stands there just staring at her and the lovely song ‘Kal shayad ye Salam na rahe’plays in the background .Teja doesn’t notice him standing in the doorway.As he stands there oblivious to his surroundings ,Ajju comes there to call them and seeing Prem standing in the doorway almost mesmerised jokingly tells Teja that his brother is watching her secretly as if still they are unmarried.He says there is complete life time to adore each other and reminds him that his aunt is waiting downstairs to see Teja.Prem asks him to go down and comes inside .

Teja asks whether he is wearing the same dress for pooja or she should take out some other dress for him.Prem again becomes very reserved and tells her that god has given him two hands and he is capable of doing his chores on his own.As Teja looks on ,Prem goes to the cup board and while taking out some clothes ,he tries to explain that he was waiting in the doorway thinking that she was dressing up inside.Teja just smiles and keeps quiet.When she offers to help him in the selection of his dress,Prem says that he would rather take an enemy’s help and tells her curtly to maintain her distance.

When he comes out after changing ,Teja says that he looks good but Prem,refusing to reciprocate ,simply informs that he is going downstairs and advises her to hurry up as Mandira bua is waiting for them.When Teja stops him to say something ,he gets annoyed and tells her to stop calling him unnecessarily.As he is about to go out ,Teja shouts loudly that he is n’t wearing his pants.As Teja looks away ,a quite embarrassed Prem tries to explain that not wearing pants is a new trend in men’s dressing but for this particular occasion it is better that he dresses traditionally.As Teja tries not to laugh aloud ,Prem goes inside to change.

As Teja comes down the stairs ,Mandira praises her beauty saying that Prem has selected a rare diamond .She continues by saying that she knows that prem and Teja were classmates first ,fell in love later and married at last .Dharamsingh wonders how and why Mandira is keeping track of her children.She blesses Teja and presents her a diamond necklace as she could n’t attend her marriage as she was n’t invited by her brother.Teja first hesitates ,later accepts on her insistence .

As Mandira proceeds to do pooja ,Teja goes to Sarla and requests her to keep the jewellery in safe custody ,But Sunaina and Priyal refuse saying this must be one of her crooked plans to blame them for theft later on.When this altercation goes on Mandira tells Dharamsingh that all these years there has been nothing but hatred in their relationship.Dharamsingh replies that he doesn’t hate her but they had to part ways as their thinking is different.She says that it is time for them to come together again as he also knows the value of money.Dharamsingh diverts the topic saying that this is n’t the time to talk about petty issues like money matters.As Mandira angrily looks on ,Mamaji makes an entry along with His wife and Preeti.

,Dharamsingh welcomes them but the remaining family members including Prem get annoyed to see them in there.Mamaji also recollects how he was insulted by Anand on his previous visit .As the complete family crips, Teja happily welcomes Mamaji and Mamaji but overlooks Preeti.Mamaji remembers his purpose of coming to the pooja and starts observing Mandira.Teja asks about her mother but Dharamsingh consoles her saying that the goddess will answer all her prayers shortly.

He takes them inside and as Preeti smiles at Arjun,Mamajinnotices Anand staring at him angrily and recollects how he was insulted by him . On Dharamsingh’s insistence ,Anand ,Deep and Prem wish Mamaji .Preeti says hello to Prem but he doesn’t respond and moves away.An annoyed Preeti spots Arjun and starts her drama saying that Prem is still misunderstanding her.Arjun says never mind as Prem will take some time to cool down and compliments that she looks beautiful in that dress,Preeti says that that dress was gifted by him only and she is particularly very happy to be doing the first day’s pooja with him as he is the only one who is a true friend to her.

As Prem and Teja give the ‘aarti’together,Preeti keeps messaging Arjun and they exchange many pleasantries .Finally she messages that she would like to meet him and say something ,As Arjun answers ‘after the Pooja’,Teja notices everything and remembers her mother saying the same to her.She also notices
her Mamaji leaving the pooja in between and gets perplexed and the episode ends with this.

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