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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with the pandit announcing that the Pooja is concluded ,Mandira asks Dharamsingh whether they can go inside now and discuss the so called petty business matters as the main event ,the pooja is concluded .Dharamsingh looks at his worried wife and asks her to distribute the sweets among the guests and then start the ‘garba'(a traditional Gujrati dance performed by couples during Durga pooja celebrations).After giving the instructions ,he leads his sister inside followed by Anand.

Seeing them going inside ,Mamaji ,on the pretext of going to the washroom ,leaves the pooa venue and follows the three,.As the dance is not yet started,Arjun meets Preeti and asks her what is that she wants to talk to him she says that she feels something is left incomplete and expresses the doubt , are they really friends,.When Arjun replies in the affirmative,Preeti ,to Arjun’s surprise ,hugs his tightly to say she is so happy to have him as her friend.

She compliments him saying that she knows that he is very good by nature,he feels happy if his brother Prem is happy,his heart is so pure that he doesn’t have any ill feelings towards Teja who has wrecked his brother’s life,.As this meeting is on ,Teja comes that side and seeing them together stops to listen to what Preeti is telling Arjun ,….Preeti not noticing her sister continues with her drama saying that whoever is the girl that gets married to Arjun will be the luckiest in this world….. ,Preeti ,about to add something more, abruptly leaves saying that he won’t understand,leaving Arjun confused as well as elated and Teja worried.

In the hall ,the dance starts and the couples take the floor with their dandiyas .Teja smiles at Prem expecting him to become her partner but Prem just stands stone faced .Preeti dances with Arjun to the reverbating beats of ‘Dhol Baje’song.Gradually ,Dhol Baje’ song recedes into the background .Seeing no response from Prem ,Teja herself goes near Prem,and dances to the tune of a very s*xy song ‘Angh laga de re ,mohe rangh laga de re’,still finding no reaction from him ,Teja finally holds her ears as if begging for forgiveness.Atlast She succeeds in melting Prem and sweet moments follow.As they hug each other emotionally,everyone there stops dancing and watch this lovely couple .But unfortunately this sequence turns out to be Teja’s figment of imagination and as she comes out of her dream ,she finds Prem standing in the same place indifferent and disinterested.

In the upstairs room ,Mandira taunts that Dharamsingh could neither do justice to the relationships nor to business deals.She thunders that her husband has been in the jail for the last ten years because of his so called good values.Dharamsingh replies that for him good personal and business values are more important than any relatives.She advises him not to take the meaning of his name seriously .Dharamsingh asks her what can he do for her,she takes out some documents and asks him to sign them;thereby accepting that years back ,he gave evidence against her husband due to a misunderstanding ,she says that if he signs that document ,her husband will be released from the jail.Dharamsingh says that he will do so on certain conditions,She tells him that if he accepts ,she will handover to him half of her business ,As this conversation goes on ,Mamaji stands outside behind the doors and keeps recording.

Downstairs,Garba continues and Prem finally decides to play Garba with Teja. As the song ‘Shehnai’plays ,a still angry and annoyed Prem starts dancing with Teja and watching them together Sarla becomes unhappy.
Dharamsingh says that he will help Mandira on the condition that she should stop her illegal business deals immediately and throws away the documents.As Mamaji watches,a furious Mandira says that being her younger brother ,he should n’t have exceeded his limits and so far no one in the complete state could dare to tell her what to do and what not.Dharamsingh in an equally serious tone tells her that by growing ‘charas’in half of her fields ,she is promoting drug trafficking and he. Dharamsingh is against anything that is against human values

.As a shocked Mamaji looks on ,he warns his sister that he will be watching her every move.Mandira also challenges him saying that he has n’t changed at all with age and as proud as ever.Dharam smiles and says that he is sure to win this challenge and die a peaceful death as his conscience is not burdened with sins,
As Mamaji turns back thinking how he has miscalculated Dharamsingh ,he finds Teja standing there,A hurt Teja says that she felt very happy seeing them in the pooja not knowing that his real intention was to collect some information about his father in law and arrest him .

Mamaji says that he is a simple havaldar and his duty is only to obey orders,whenever he tried to correct Teju’s father in the past ,,he had to obey her father’s orders and keep his mouth shut,even now ,he obeys the orders of his sister,…..he has simply done his duty on the orders of his senior police officer and recorded the conversation.Ofcourse it is wrong to take advantage of his relationship with Dharamsingh ,but it is the order of his senior and now he is going to submit this recorded evidence .

Just then Prem enters clapping and drawing parallels to Shakuni’.He says that one Teja is enough to make our life hell and asks him ,is n’t he ashamed of backstabbing his Father Time and again..when Mamaji tries to explain Prem becomes sarcastic and asks him from where they have learnt these techniques….is it hereditary or the entire family together has attended tutorials?when Teja tries to intervene saying that Mamaji was helpless ,he cuts her short saying that he is tired of all her explanations and even goes to the extent of suspecting her…..hand in hand with Mamaji to collect evidence against his father.

When a stunned Teja asks that he doesn’t have any belief in her,Prem shouts and says that she is right and he doesn’t believe anyone from her family .He snatches the phone from Mamaji and tells them that today he will expose the whole family in front of everyone.Not listening to Teja,he leads them downstairs and announces that his wife’s Mamaji ,a mere havaldar.recorded his father’s conversation with his sister,to send him to jail.He further insults him saying that he ,who is not even fit to enter their house ,has taken advantage of his relationship with his father to do all this.As Prem continues insulting Mamaji .

teja tries to intervene but there is no stopping him.He tells her that she,Dharamsingh’s daughter in law ,is completely different
from her family members who don’t love her at all ,and they are here to get your father in law arrested ,for what crime ,god only knows.

Then he goes to Mamaji and asks him what all evidence he collected against his father and for what crimes,,when there is no reply from him he announces that Mamaji came here to expose his father but got exposed in turn.Arjun tries to say something but Prem asks him to shut up saying that whoever intervenes in this ,he will break his hands.As Arjun looks hurt ,a furious Preeti promises herself that she will never forget this insult to her father.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The precap shows Teja warning Preeti that she will tell everything to Arjun and Preeti confidently says that Arjun won’t believe her.

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