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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Prem continues trashing Arjun. Tejaswini tries to stop him and slips. He holds her. She asks to forgive Arjun. Prem says sorry and runs behind Arjun again. He catches Arjun and asks how can he use pappa’s name and lie, he did ragging and was wrong and made Tejaswini punished to fulfill his ego. Mamaji panicks hearing him telling he is Dharam Singh Rathod’s son. He takes Tejaswini and packs bags hurriedly and says her admission is over, so she is going back to Ankleshwar and will come back after 2 weeks after the issue resolves. Prem starts searching Tejaswini and does not find her. Her roommates tell her mamaji took her back home to Ankleshwar.

Anand tells Dharam that Tejaswini is from their college. Dharam asks him to bring Tejaswini, he wants to thank her. Tejawini and mamaji wait for taxi. Mamaji says they don’t get taxi when needed. Anand comes and asks where are they going. Mamaji says they are going to bus stop, if he can drop them. Anand gets them into car and takes them to Dharam Singh’s haveli. Mamaji says they had to go to bus stop. Anand says they came to right place, Dharam’s house, he is Dharam’s brother Anand. Mamaji reminisces Anand was present with Dharam when Dharam killed Tejaswini’s father. He panics. Anand forcefully gets him out of car. Mamaji signals Tejaswini not to go in. Anand asks to follow him.

Tejaswini’s mother lights lamp in front of her husband’s photo and says Tejaswini has gone to Rajpipla for studies and she is worried about her safety. Lamp flickers. Mother gets worried and tells mamiji that something is wrong.

Tejaswini enters Dharam’s house and looks around. Anand asks how is their house, goes and informs Dharam that Tejaswini has gone. Dharam comes and thanks her for saving his family’s life. She says she did her duty. He says she favored him and till she is in Rajpipla,she will live like his daughter. Mamaji enters and panics seeing Dharam. Dharam greets him. Mamaji reminisces convincing his sister to send Tejaswini to Rajpipla.

Prem gets Tejaswini’s Ankleshwar’s home address from peon and heads towards Ankleshwar on his bike. Tejaswini’s roommate calls her and informs that Prem has gone to Ankleshwar to meet her. She gets tensed. Prem reaches Ankleshwar and shows Tejaswini’s address to vegetable vendor. Vendor says it is Tejaswini’s address and shows him direction. Tejaswini’s mom and aunt pass by and go to vendor to take vegetables. He tries to stop Prem and says that boy was asking Tejaswini’s address. Mom thinks who he must be. Prem reaches Tejaswini’s house. Tejaswini takes his number from her room mate and calls him. She says she is Teja. He asks who Teja. She says Tejaswini and asks him to leave his house, she is at his house. He asks her to stay right there and walks out speaking to her over phone and clashes with mamiji. Mamiji apologizes him and tells mom that they have to find out who was searching for Tejaswini. Prem looks at them.


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Dharam Singh scolds Prem why did not he listen to Tejaswini before insulting her. He sweeps college saying parents have to face children’s punishment. Tejaswini messages Prem and he angrily breaks his mobile.

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