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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Anand warns Arjun to tell police that Preeti forcefully married him and if he speaks against family, he will have to face him. He says family is important than this new girl. Arjun nods okay and walks out. Inspector asks him if Preeti married him forcefully. Preeti sheds crocodile tears and hopes Arjun speaks in her favor, else she cannot succeed in her plan. Tejaswini hopes Arjun will speak in family’s favor. Arjun tells inspector that he married Preeti with his wish. Family is shocked hearing that. He further says that his family is not accepting Preeti, but he wants to stay in his family house with Preti, he loves Preeti a lot. Hitesh mama gets happy hearing that. Prem angrily slaps Arjun and asks if he does not love his family and slaps again. He continues that Arjun got whatever he asked and continues beating. Preeti acts and requests inspector that Prem is beating her husband without fear inspector, what he will do behind inspector. Tejaswini stops Prem and says this is not a way to solve problem. Prem pushes Tejaswini. Anand warns Prem to stop, else he will punish him.

Hitesh asks inspector to arrest whole Rathod family for depriving Preeti of her rights and arrest their head Dharam Singh first. Anand warns to shut his mouth. Prem warns Hitesh not to take his pappa’s name, else he will kill him and tells inspector that he hit Arjun, so he should be arrested. Inspector asks to let new couple live in peace. Arjun says he will never let them in Rathod house. Inspector says then he has to arrest him. Prem shows hands to arrest. Sarla pleads not to arrest her son. Anand says he will bail out Prem in 1 hour. Inspector drags Prem into van. Tejaswini pleads Prem to not go. Prem says she will succeed in her plan with her sister, but he will fail her plan. Police takes him away.

Mamaji asks Sarla and others to let Preeti and Arjun in, it is good for them all. Arjun and Preeti touch his feet and walk inside house. Sunaina yells at Tejaswini that she can file complaint against them, they gave her so much love, but she betrayed them, now she and her sister are owners of this house and they are guests here. She curses Tejaswini and walks in with Priyal and others. Tejaswini prays Ambemaa to help her solve this problem.

Inspector takes Prem to police station and sends him in lockup. Mandira bua calls inspector and asks if work is done. Inspector says yes, with her blessings, he could arrest Dharam’s son, else it was impossible. She orders to torture Prem. Inspector says Prem is sitting silently, how will he torture Prem. Bua asks to badmouth about Dharam, Prem will confront him, then he with his team can torture Prem. Prem’s injuries will give pain to Dharam and Dahram’s tears will give her peace.

Arjun gets juice for Preeti. Preeti says he takes care of her so much. He holds her hand. She feels angry, gets Bua’s call and goes aside. Bua says she fulfilled her promise, now it is her turn. Preeti thinks when she steps in, everything destroys. Arjun says let us go to room. Preeti thinks he is so eager for romance, acts emotional and says family has not accepted their relationship yet, so they should wait until they accept them. Arjun thinks he is so lucky to get Preeti as wife.

Inspector starts provoking Prem and badmouths about Dharam. Preeti walks to Tejaswini and says her husband loves her so much, but jijaji is in jail and police must be torturing him. Tejaswini worriedly rushes towards police station. At police station, Prem reacts to inspector’s provoking and inspector tortures Prem. Tejaswini reaches police station and is shocked to see Prem on floor subconscious and injured. Anand and Deep reach with commissioner and seeing Prem injured warn inspector. Inspector says Prem misbehaved with them, so he had to beat Prem. Anand says Prem is Dharam’s son and he made many inspector like him. Commissioner asks Anand to relax, Prem should not have hit policeman and orders inspector to free Prem. Anand and Deep get Prem into jeep and bring him home. Tejaswini also comes along. Sarla gets worried seeing Prem’s condition. Anand asks her to speak slowly, else Dharam will hear her.

Tejaswini prays Ambemaa to protect her family and blames herself for their condition. Preeti comes and yells that Tejaswini snatched her love and did a big mistake, Dharam’s family insulted her papa in front of everyone, so she will punish them and destroy their dignity in front of whole world. Tejaswini angrily looks at her. Preeti laughs that she is still proud of herself even in this condition. Tejaswini gives her a tight slap.


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tejaswii confronts Preeti she will destory whoever tries to harm her family. She tells Prem and family that she is leaving their house forever.

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