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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Prem’s baraath reaches wedding venue. Sharda does Prem’s aarti and other rituals. Preeti rushes in auto towards weeding venue to stop marriage. Priyal and Sunaina taunt Prem that he is eagerly waiting for rituals and looked into mirror repeatedly. Prem feels shy. Sharma thinks if marriage does not happen, Dharam will be insulted in whole city. Baraath heads towards mantap. Tejawini comes wearing bridal dress. Sharma is shocked seeing her. Preei reaches disguised as waiter. Garland exchange ceremony starts. Rabne Banadi Jodi….song… plays in the background. Arjun and others ask Prem not to bed so easily. Prem looks into Tejaswini’s eyes and bends. Tejaswini puts garland on his neck. Vinay and Ajju says he is true lover. Prem puts garland on Tejaswini’s neck next and ritual completes.

Sharma scolds his goons they are waste that they could not catch Tejaswini. Goons say there er a lot of people in Tejaswini’s room, so they could not do anything. Sharma warns to finish their duty before next ritual. Preeti roams disguised as Punjabi waiter and thinks how to stop this marriage and inform Tejawini’s real motto to take revenge from Dharam Singh.

Tejaswini goes to her room and gets ready for next ritual. Goons enter and make her unconscious and tieher. Preeti enters and shouts what are they doing to didi. Goons catch her. Sharma hears girl’s voice and removes her beard and moustache, says she was on his side, then why she is creating drama. She tells her plan to take Tejaswini’s place and marry Prem. She wears Tejaswini’s clothes. Goons tie Tejaswini and try to carry her out.

Dharam’s commissioner friend enters and tells Dharam that he has kept kept constables as security guards. Dharam says everyone are dear ones, so need for that. Commissioner says anything can happen in rich weddings, it is a gift for his friend. Sharma’s goons call him and inform that police is standing out, so they cannot take Tejaswini out. Sharma asks them to hide her on terrace. Dharam sees him on phone and asks to relax at least in wedding. Tejaswini is tied on terrace. Sharda asks Tejaswini’s friends to call her to mantap for pheras. Preeti is seen in bridal dress. Drama continues.


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Prem and Preeti’s pheras start. Tejaswini frees herself and stops pheras in the middle.

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