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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Tejaswini tells Dharam’s family that kaaka/Dharam is looking so weak and should eat something. Deep’s wife says she will prepare khichdi for mota bhai. Tejaswini asks if she can prepare khichdi for kaaka. Dharam says why will his daughter prepare khichdi, she should sit with him and chat. Tejaswini says she called him daughter and not letting him serve him. He says okay then, go and prepare khichdi. Tejaswini walks to kitchen. Prem follows her and says he will help her. She says no need. He says he will get daal for khichdi and searches unsuccessfully. She shows daal bottle and says it is here. He says he forgot that she already worked in kitchen. She asks him to go, else she will call Kaaka. He says he is going, he is being kicked out of his own kitchen. She smiles.

Sharda calls Tejaswini but does not speak. Mamaji from behind insists it is parent’s duty to forgive children. Sharda speaks and asks how is she. Tejaswini gets emotional and says she loves her a lot. Sharda says even she loves her and asks where is she now. Tejaswini nervously goes aside and says she came to hostel canteen to eat something. Sharda asks her to study well and don’t forget her promise. Tejaswini says okay and disconnects call. She addresses her father and says he always taught him to never forget people’s favor, she is in a dilemma, but will follow his teachings, asks him to bless her from heaven. Dharam hears that and thinks she broke her mother’s promise for pappa, she is different. He asks Tejaswini’s father to bless even him.

Preeti fixes Salman Khan’s photo on her hostel room wall and says she likes him as a filmy her, she met a real hero some days ago and coincidentally even his name is Prem, she is in love with him. She dances on Jag ghoomeya thare jaisa na koi.

Tejaswini serves khichdi to Dharam. Dharam says if he eats her cooked food, he will get well soon and asks Sarla to pack his medicines, he does not need them. Anand insists her to stay here tonight. She says her sister is alone in hostel and she has to go. Sarla asks Prem to drop her to college. Prem says she is self-reliant girl and will not take his help. Sarla asks Arjun to drop Tejaswini then. Prem says he will and takes Tejaswini on his jeep. He says it is will rain and he likes it. Tejaswini says even she likes rain, but cannot fall ill as she has studies, janmastami function, sports, dance, etc. He says she broke her mom’s promise for pappa. She says kaka is like her father, and she did her duty. He asks nothing else. She says yes. Rain starts. He gets her umbrella. Kuch kam false bhi.. thamsa gaya hai…song..plays in the background. He nervously clears hair tress from her face. He gives his jacket to her and stops car under shelter. They both walk looking each other.


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