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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Tejaswini gives Preeti a tight slap and says how dare she is to think bad about her family. She says she betrayed Prem and his family, so she is bearing Prem’s hatred as punishment, but she will not tolerate Preeti harming her family. She challenges Preeti that they are in front of matarani and let us see whom matarani will support.

Sharda confronts Hiten mama and asks if he thinks whatever happing is right. Hiten says no. Sharda asks why did he complain against Prem and got him arrested, this is encouraging Preeti’s wrongdoings. Mami comments when Tejaswini does wrong, she is okay with it and when Preeti does, she is opposing. Sharda says Preeti was loving Prem and now suddenly she married Arjun, asks to keep her hand on her heart and think if Preeti is doing right.

Mamaji says his daughter is not wrong, she is following Tejaswini as a true sibling and she is Dharam’s bahu now, he will see who will spoil her happiness.

Prem’s family surrounds him while he is asleep. Anand speaks to doc and says he gave medicines as per instructions and will inform Prem’s progress regularly. Tejaswini walks in. Sarla shouts to get out. Deep and Anand ask her to let her in and speak slowly. Sarla says she let Tejaswini in to stop her from calling police like Preeti did. Tejaswini pleads that she is Prem’s wife and they should let her near Prem, she is repenting for all her mistakes. Dharam calls Sarla and whole family leaves. Tejaswini thanks matarani for helping her and sitting next to Prem expresses her concern for him. She applies medicine on Prem’s wounds. Mile ho tum humse bade naseebon se…song…plays in the background.

Preeti sits in a corner and informs Mandira bua whole drama over phone. She laughs that whole family acts as getting seizures seeing Tejawini, she remembers Tejaswini’s slap and fumes she will punish her vigorously. Mandira says Preeti can play small game, her goal is to destroy Dharam and start her adharm. Arjun notices her and asks what is she doing hiding in a corner, whom she is talking to. She gets nervous. He takes her to room and shows flower decoration on bed. She gets frustrated that he is in a honeymoon mood. He says he wants to spend whole night with her. She starts brainwashing and provoking that nobody cares him in this house as his papap is a teacher and this is not his house. He says Dharam considers all 4 children as equal and Dharam is elder, so he takes decision. She says he is so innocent, she will decide from hereon what he should do. He agrees and gets romantic.

Prem wakes up in the morning and seeing Tejaswini angrily gets up and walks while she asks how is he feeling. Preeti and Arjun walk to living area. Dharam asks Anand if matarani’s visarjan preparations are done. He says yes. Arjun apologizes Sunaina and asks if she is still angry on him. She says he married Preeti without their wish. Arjun says Preeti is not a bad girl, she tried expose Tejaswini long ago. He reminisces Preeti asking him to tell her mother if Preeti wanted to harm family, then why would she have taken extreme step and if mom will not support him, then who will support. Arjun repeats same. Preeti smirks. Sunaina says they are all disappointed with him. Prem walks in. Arjun apologizes his parents again and says he will take up his responsibilities and help bade papa in business, Preeti is not a bad girl and if she makes any mistake, he will break up with her. Sunaina asks how to trust. Preeti asks to trust, she just needs a place in their hearts. Tejaswini comes down and says there is no need for that and says Preeti was right, she provoked her to elope and marry Arjun. Dharam and family are shocked. Tejaswini continues that she wanted to take her papa’s revenge from this family and wanted to give them the same pain which her family went through. She is leaving this house. Prem and family is more shocked hearing that and camera focuses on each family member.


Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Preeti packs her bags. Preeti holds her and says Prem loved her immsensely and she took revenge from him immensely, he is not a doll that she can play with his emotions, she will see what he can do.

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