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Anushka’s second life post bomb blast walks Ammaji’s footsteps (Upcoming Twist)

Anushka and Ammaji's union against Balwant Chaudhry and Ranjet


Laado 2: Anushka’s (Avika Gor) mardani avatar, walks Ammaji’s (Meghna Malik) footsteps against Balwant, Ranjet

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Laado 2 is up fof some new drama and twist.Balwant, Ranjet will target Anushka to end her life, Ranjet plans bomb blast and gets successful to hit Anushka.Anushka manages to get saved but Balwant and Ranjet are unaware of this and assumes Anushka dead.

While Anushka will return and realise that Ammaji is working rightfully as it’s no use to work lawfully in Veerpur.

Anushka and Ammaji’s union against Balwant Chaudhry and Ranjet

Anushka will thus take Ammaji’s mardani avatar to fight against Balwant Chaudhry and Ranjet to destroy them.Anushka will walk Ammaji’s footsteps and will leave no stone unturned to strength women’s of Veerpur like Ammaji.Will Anushka and Ammaji’s this union turns deadly fit Balwant Chaudhry and Ranjet.

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