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Avni Monica’s cold war over blueprint begins Monica executes masterstroke (Upcoming Story)

Monica and Avni's clash of war


Avni’s (Aditi Rathore) mission escape in Monica’s hand, Avni versus Monica’s war begins

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Naamkaran is gearing up for some major drama and twist.

Avni gets her hand over jail blueprint and is ready to execute her plan but fails to get half part of the blueprint.

Monica gets her hand over half blueprint and thus major clash amid Avni and Monica will begin while Monica plans to use this opportunity.

Monica plans to use this opportunity in her favor this making Avni escape the jail opening her way to Neil.

Monica and Avni’s clash of war

Monica and Vidhyut are together in this game of evilness, Monica and Avni will thus plag their games and thus new twist awaits ahead.

Will Avni be able to escape from Neil’s custody, will Monica help Avni in this escape for her deal with Vidhyut.

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