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Avni runs away from jail Avni takes Vidhyut’s shelter (Upcoming Twist)

Avni all new dhamakedar character and pictures revealed in Naamkaran (Future story)


The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Naamkaran is up for some major drama and twist.Neil takes drastic step and arrests Avni for killing Juhi although he knows that Avni hadn’t killed Juhi.Neil keeps Avni behind bars while Avni fights with inmates over something and Neil scolds her and thus makes her runaway.Neil is infuriated and rushes after Avni but of no use while Vidhyut will shelter Avni and help her escape.

As per ongoing track, Avni points gun on Juhi where Vidyut shots and Juhi gets killed.Where Vidyut’s ugly demand of getting Avni at any cost put Neil in dilemma.Thus Neil is feeling himself caught amid two stools where Neil will arrest Avni to safeguard her from Vidyut’s evil clutches.

Avni changed post losing trust in Neil eye – Avni and Neil’s perfect plan against Vidhyut

Avni is astonished seeing that it’s Vidhyut while Vidhyut instigates Avni that Neil had handed her over to him.Avni isn’t ready to believe and bursts at Vidhyut but it’s all Avni and Neil’s perfect plan against Vidhyut.

Further, in upcoming track Avni will be seen in all new avatar where Avni will beat prison mates badly.Here we have also uploaded latest picture from Naamkaran set.However, Neil and Avni will share police and criminal relation.

Will this rocking love story end here?

What about Vidyut, will he sit silent?

It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

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