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Avni’s prison break Neil lose out Avni to Vidyut (Upcoming Story)

Avni to accept Vidyut’s love over Neil

Avni's prison break Neil lose out Avni to Vidyut

Naamkaran: Avni (Aditi Rathore) Neil (Zain Imam) Vidyut’s (Karam Rajpal) on different mission

Star Plus most popular daily Naamkaran will showcase exciting twist and turn in the upcoming episode.Neil is trying his best to get evidence against Vidyut to set Avni free.Avni misunderstands Neil and decides to break prison and runaway while Neil makes Avni understand it’s not that easy to escape from Neil’s prison.

On the other hand, Vidyut wants to become MLA to get Avni out using his powers.

Everyone is set out on their own respective mission where Avni has once again turned into Ananya Verma and is all set to escape from Neil’s so call prison.It would be really interesting to see if Avni manages to runaway and Neil lose out his Avni to Vidyut.

Will Avni accept Vidyut betraying Neil’s love?

Let’s wait and watch.

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