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Ayushaman Bhava 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ayushaman Bhava 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with inspector telling Samaira and others about Krish. She shows the pic. He says yes, maybe its him. Madhav says we should go there and meet those people. Sudha says if anything happens to Krish on seeing them. He asks do you think this is normal, do you agree that there can be Krish’s connection with them. She says I know, but I won’t let him go. Madhav says we will see if he takes us to that place, it will have some reason, else it will be just a nightmare, tell us what to do. Inspector says Govind said this boy knows what we did with Avinash, he can expose us. Kartik laughs on this. Inspector says I explained Govind, but he said Kanhaiyya ruined Kans. Sudhir says Krish is not Krishna, we are not his uncle, we have work pressure, you got this stupid matter, ask Govind to do his work, dead people don’t turn alive. Samaira apologizes to Avi.

Madhav, Sudha and Krish come to Avi’s locality. Krish says that house will be around. He shows the house. Sudha says we should go back, I feel sorrowful here, come. Madhav says if we have come till here, we will see. He knocks the door. They get shocked seeing Avi’s mum and dad.

Avi’s dad asks how did they come. Madhav says we came on right address, we want some answers. Avi’s dad asks what can we answer. Kaushalya cries. Sudha stops Krish. Kaushalya calls him. Krishn enters the house. He looks around.

He sees Avi’s pic with garland. Avi’s dad says he is our son Avinash. Krish asks where is he. Avi’s dad says he is not in this world now. Kaushalya says no, he is here. Krish says I can see him. Sudha worries. Kaushalya asks where. Krish sees Avi sitting in his chair. Kaushalya cries holding the chair. Avi’s dad asks them to sit.

Madhav says I m Madhav, she is my wife Sudha, he is our only son Krish, since some days strange things are happening with him. He tells everything and says don’t know why is this happening with Krish, so we came here. Avi’s dad Kailash asks how can this happen. Madhav says we don’t know, so we came here, Krish show them that box. Krish gives Avi’s box to them. Kailash says its our Avi’s box. Kaushalya hugs it and cries. Sudha says I think we should leave from here now. Krish gets a bag. Sudha asks him not to touch anything.

Kailash says there is nothing in this bag. Krish shows money in the bag. Kailash asks how did you know this. Krish says I have seen Avi keeping money for you in this bag. Sudha asks for water. Sudha keeps Krish away from Kaushalya. Kailash says you sit, make tea Kaushalya. Madhav says no, we should leave now. Kaushalya asks Krish’s age. Sudha gets angry and argues. She says Krish is my son, just understand this. She says I told you Madhav, we don’t need to meet anyone, they are getting wrong meaning of Krish’s words. Kaushalya recalls Avi and blesses Krish. Krish smiles. Sudha takes Krish away. Kaushalya cries.


Ayushaman Bhava 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudha prays for Krish. Kaushalya prays for getting truth out. Krish prays and smiles.

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