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Ayushaman Bhava 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Krish Reveals His Truth


Ayushaman Bhava 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ayushaman Bhava 12th December 2017 Episode start with Vikrant saying I will not leave the person who did this with you. He takes Krish to the mandap. Krish and Kavya begin their marriage rituals. Vikrant does their ghatbandhan and kanyadaan. Kavya and Krish take wedding rounds. They make vows. They get married. Everyone blesses them. Media asks Vikrant why did he keep Kavya’s marriage on a low scale. He says I wanted this to be a private affair. Media asks why did he call them. He says I wanted you all to know my daughter’s truth, her character is true, she has good values. He asks them to have dinner before leaving. He goes. Kavya scolds the reporters. She asks them not to defame any girl by making her a breaking news, this can happen with anyone.

Vikrant frees Sudhir. Sudhir says Krish did this with me, he will not leave you now. Vikrant recalls his words. Sudhir says Krish left scorpions on me, he has fed me Maai’s laddoo, he has put the tickets in my pocket, you thought I m double crossing you, I was trying to help you, Krish created this misunderstanding. Vikrant says it means Krish fooled me. Sudhir says we will go and stop Kavya’s marriage. Vikrant says marriage has happened, my Kavya married Krish, but I will not leave him, its his life’s biggest mistake. He asks Sudhir to come. Krish comes there. He reveals his truth to Vikrant. Everyone gets shocked.

He says old bodyguard was true, but I have framed him, I did this to win your trust, I have planned everything to make a place in this house. He says then I have used Sudhir, I have put the ticket in Sudhir’s pocket. Maai asks Vikrant to see how he is changing his colors. She says I told you before, this guy can’t be trusted. Krish says yes, I m right for wrong people like you, even then… I have fooled you all. He says Sudhir married Bubbly, but had eyes on Samaira, Vikrant’s wife. He says Sudhir used to see Samaira’s pic in his phone every day, this is his old love, Vikrant made the plan to kill Sudhir, this was his loyalty. He asks Vikrant does he think Samaira loves him, she was ready to run away with me, she was in love with me, she tried to run away many times. They get shocked. He says everyone came in my plan when I showed bit of loyalty, I had fun to trap Samaira, whom Vikrant had trapped earlier.

He says Samaira didn’t love anyone till now, except money, Samaira left me for money even last time, I mean she left Avinash. They all get shocked. Krish says Vikrant trusted me more than Maai, when she was always right, I m that Avi, whom Vikrant tried to kill again and again, I m Krish who is standing here as Kaal. Vikrant says I will become your Kaal and kill you this time too, I will do your final rites as well, so that you don’t come back again and get Mukti. Krish says fine, kill me, what will you answer Kavya, she will hate her super dad. He says I will make your work easy. He calls Kavya and asks her to come in the hall. Vikrant stops him. Krish says you are sensible, you didn’t hurt her, do another good thing, forget to tell her anything, else I will tell her your truth, I have nothing to lose, my lie will come in front, your true picture will come out. Vikrant stares at him.


Ayushaman Bhava 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Krish and Kavya have an eyelock. Vikrant says I will see him, we have to find his weakness.

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