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Ayushaman Bhava 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ayushaman Bhava 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Krish asking about his dreams. Madhav says I have no answers, but we will find the answers soon, you are Kanha ji’s special child, I feel he has sent you here to complete some imp work, so none sees what you can see. Krish asks Sudha why is she crying, I m Kanha ji’s special child, I will come back, I will thank Kanha ji. Madhav says let him go, its not good to scare him by our doubts. Sudha says how can Kaushalya think Krish is Avi, I m very scared as if anyone did black magic on him. She prays to Kanha ji. He asks her not to let emotions ruin her sense to know right and wrong, if Krish gets scared, their problems will increase.

Sudha argues. He says anyone would have thought the same, have patience, Krish talks unique things, there would be some reason, if you take tension, Krish will be in tension too, you should stay happy, else how will Krish stay happy, leave everything on time. Kaushalya prays and says Krish is our Avi. Kailash asks her not to be mad, its not possible. She says he knows us and also Pragati, he got money which Avi kept for us, how does he know Avi, its my Avi. Kailash says maybe Krish will take us to clues to prove Avi innocent, we should be glad that we got a hope after 8 years, don’t have any expectation that hurts you. She blesses Krish.

Krish prays in temple. He sees Avi and Samaira coming and praying in temple. They have a moment. She asks him not to talk of getting away. He asks do you love me so much, I will always be with you, you are more than my life, even if Yamraj takes me, I m sure you will get me back by your love. She feels guilty. Krish thinks why is he seeing all this. Kaushalya and Sudha pray for Avi and Krish. Sudhir comes home. Kaushalya taunts him. Kailash asks how did he come. Sudhir says there is much workload, I just came to ask your welfare.

Kailash says Avi took happiness along, we just have tears with us. Sudhir says who can change fate, I told you to call me if you have any problem, I got to know you are in loan. She asks why did he not help Avi. She gets angry and scolds Sudhir. Kailash says Sudhir is not bad, he was Avi’s good friend, treat him like a son. She says he can never take my son’s place, I can see lie on his face, Kanha ji will punish him. Kailash scolds her and says who asked Avi to commit suicide, cowards do that. He apologizes to Sudhir. Sudhir says her misunderstanding will end soon, you can call me anytime.


Ayushaman Bhava 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudhir warns Samaira about Vikrant. She taunts him that Lord will punish him.

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