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Ayushaman Bhava 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ayushaman Bhava 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Krish insisting to have icecream. He sees his friend and goes. Madhav asks him to come to icecream parlor and takes Sudha. Samaira comes to meet Krish. He recalls Avi’s words and says wifey. She recalls Avi’s words and asks what did you say. He says I just said it. Someone takes their pics. Krish says I met you in press conference that day. She asks him about his dream, what does he see. He says everyone, I have seen everyone who were with you that day, I have seen you and Avinash. She gets shocked and asks Avinash, do you see him, how.

His friend comes and asks him to come. Samaira says you all came here to play. Krish says yes, my parents are also here. She asks him to go and enjoy. Krish goes. Samaira worries. Kailash pacifies Kaushalya. She says Avi was not a coward, Sudhir is wrong, he snatched Avi to get succeed. He takes Sudhir’s side. She argues. He asks her not to doubt. She says just time will show who can see things well.

Sudhir asks Samaira where was she, there was imp video conferencing with Vikrant. She says I was stuck in traffic. They argue. He threatens her. She regrets for her mistakes. Inspector comes and says you are right. Kaushalya recalls Avi. She massages his head and tells him about her prayers for her children, she talks to Kanha ji for their happiness. Avi says our happiness is by you and day, I promise to get world’s happiness for you. FB ends. She says you promised you will get happiness for us, you left us, I know you will fulfill your promise, pandit j saw your kundli and said there is no death yog, I m sure you came back as Krish.

Inspector shows pic and asks what were you doing with Krish, Govind has sent this pic. Samaira asks why are you spying. He says I told you to share info about this kid. She asks him not to doubt that kid. He says doubting is our work. Sudhir asks what work did you have with that kid. She argues with Sudhir. She taunts him that he should be ready to pay for his sins.

Krish dreams and gets visuals of Avi’s murder. He gets shocked and wakes up tensed. He sees Sudha sleeping. He thinks it was a dangerous dream, whom were they killing. Samaira thinks how did Krish call me wifey, Avi and I knew this, why am I thinking wrong. Its morning, Kaushalya calls Pragati. Kailash asks her not to trouble Pragati. She says its Pragati’s birthday today, I thought to hear her voice, I wish Pragati didn’t marry that Kans. Kailash says we were not getting proposals for Pragati and agreed to that alliance. She says I told you not to get scared of society. He says I thought that man will keep Pragati happy, I feel like seeing a bad dream, I will get my happy family again.


Ayushaman Bhava 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avi studies in class. Sudhir gets flowers for Samaira. She recalls Avi. Avi tells Madhav that time is mighty, good will win over bad.

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