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Ayushaman Bhava 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Krish Makes A Plan Against Vikrant


Ayushaman Bhava 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ayushaman Bhava 15th December 2017 Episode start With  a girl coming to Vikrant’s house. She tells everyone that Krish cheated her in love, he is the father of her child. Kavya gets shocked. They all ask Krish to tell the truth. Krish accepts the blame and apologizes to Kavya. He says sorry, I can break my marriage with Kavya and marry this girl. He asks the girl is she ready. The girl says no, I don’t want to marry you. He asks why. She gets away. Her fake baby bump pillow falls out. Krish smiles and confronts her. The girl says I was asked to do this drama. Kavya scolds her. The girl says I don’t know that man. She apologizes and goes. Maai tells Vikrant that the plan would have created problem for them. Vikrant says I will make my enemies bend down. He falls down.

Maai holds him. Krish comes and taunts him for falling more down. He goes. Maai asks Vikrant not to care for Krish’s words. Vikrant says I will hurt him badly, I will crush him under my feet. She smiles. Samaira goes out. She asks driver to take her out, she won’t tell anything to Vikrant. Krish comes and says everyone is not cheater like you, driver knows the result of lying to Vikrant, maybe you may understand now, what’s the sorrow to lose something dear. Its morning, Kavya sets the room. She asks Krish to help her. They have a moment. Adha ishq….plays…. Krish goes out and thinks I don’t deserve you. She thinks maybe you don’t find me suitable for you, you are compromising, but I won’t let you do this, I will complete this relation.

Krish meets someone and gets papers. He comes home. He tells Vikrant that his heart and mind are occupied. He says you are not my boss now, better think before touching anything. He thinks how he has hidden the papers from Vikrant.

Krish and Kavya cook food. She says if you cook this way, I think you will become superchef. He says I have managed kitchen to help everyone. She says I will help. He says no, I will finish this, I hope we cook food till afternoon. She says I will do, move now, you make food for everyone, I will make food for you. Her finger gets hurt. He worries. She says I m fine. They have an eyelock. Everyone gets irritated while cleaning the house. Kavya says the food is made for everyone’s health. Sudhir says we are much hungry after working so hard. They see just salad and soup. Sudhir asks where is the food. Kavya says this food is just for Krish, as he is healthy and fit, but we will just have soups and salads. Krish asks Kavya to get healthy. Vikrant looks on.


Ayushaman Bhava 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Krish asks Sudhir to manage himself. He mixes the papers in his file. Krish prays that Vikrant signs on the papers.

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