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Ayushaman Bhava 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ayushaman Bhava 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Krish making a model by toy blocks. Kaushalya sees the box and recalls Avi getting Samaira home. He tells Kaushalya that Samaira knows all the work, else she can learn it. Samaira sits nervous. Kaushalya and Avi laugh. Kaushalya says we were joking, I won’t make you do all this work. Samaira says we will work hard and earn much, we can keep someone for this work. Kaushalya says person should know all work and learn, money comes and goes. Avi agrees with her and says person can stay happy in good and bad times when family is around. Krish makes the resort model and recalls Avi.

Sudhir asks Samaira what is she thinking. He asks her to forget bad memories. He boasts of his success and richness. Kaushalya recalls Avi. Pragati plays with kids and comes home. Kaushalya sends the kids out. Pragati says you can’t hear my praise. They all laugh on Pragati and Kaushalya’s arguments. Avi says we will get Pragati married. Pragati gets annoyed. Avi says fine, we will talk of cricket. Kaushalya asks Pragati not to do job, she will do household work. Kailash says yes, it will depend on her husband. Avi says no, husband and wife relation is of partnership, I will find a good guy for Pragati, he will stay as son and love you all, maybe I live or not. Kaushalya asks him never to say so. Avi says sorry and hugs her. Sudhir comes home. Pragati asks him to come. Sudhir asks Avi to come. Avi says your cooker got fine mum. Kailash asks Kaushalya to get tea for Sudhir. Sudhir says sorry, I m in hurry, I will have tea next time. Kailash and Sudhir joke. Avi leaves for office.

Kaushalya thinks Avi was so responsible, he would have kept the money for us. Sudha sees Krish sleeping. Madhav sees the hotel model and says its like Mathura’s famous restaurant, Krish made this exactly, we didn’t go there, how does Krish know, maybe he has seen this in newspaper. Sudha worries. Madhav jokes and asks her not to worry. Kartik and his GF Shalini join Sudhir and Samaira. Kartik asks Sudhir not to waste life on one girl. Samaira hears them. Kartik says love is alive till person has passion. Samaira says you both discuss love, I will go, I have some work, thanks for dinner Sudhir. She goes.

Sudhir argues with Kartik. Kartik asks him not to get in love and live with comfort, Samaira won’t become yours till you dominate her. Sudhir says we are business partners, but you have no right to interfere in my personal life. He goes. Shalini says you aren’t scared of anything. Kartik says Dharm and Karm are of weak people. Madhav tells Krish that they will finish homework and then play. He gets a call from work. He tells Krish that he has to go police station, he will get him icecream on return. They reach police station. Krish looks at everyone. Madhav asks for Govind. Constable says he went out. Madhav says I m a reporter and have to make news article on a poor kid. Krish sees that boy crying. He sees the lockup and sees Avi hanging inside. He hears Avi’s words and gets shocked.


Ayushaman Bhava 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Krish tells his lines in a play. Principal calls Krish and gives him a last warning.

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